May. 1st, 2017

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and she used my phone number to do it. I've gotten a lot of spammy calls and texts. When we get around to replacing her phone, I think I'll take the new one and give her my phone with the old number. Let her deal with telling the callers that she's only a kid and not interested in mortgages or car insurance!
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And when he was done chewing on the leash, he chewed on the cage. Oh, dear! Moonpie was no better about having her nails clipped, she tried to bite and had to be muzzled :( I've got to move on having her let me clip her nails myself, because clearly the vet's office is no place she wants to be.

Still, we now have Finn. They asked "Is that your dog?" and I did not recognize him! He's a completely different dog! He looks like a little lamb, a little lamb that people care about. Pictures are forthcoming. Actually, I want to get current pics of all the animals, so maybe I'll post them all.
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The cut had to be quite short, given the matting of his fur. Next time, we'll ask that it's not so short. He can be neat and clean and have an easy-to-maintain style without being totally naked.


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