Apr. 24th, 2017

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And here it is.

A note: Insults or terms that can be insulting are pretty common. While I included a lot of them, I've declined to include any explicit slurs of the sort that will get you snubbed from polite society - I find them all interesting from an academic distance, but I don't really want to be on the internet saying these things. I'm the arbiter of what sort of slurs get me snubbed from polite society, so if you're thinking "Why include this slur against over religious Christians who push their religion onto others but not that slur against blacks/gays/Muslims", the answer is "because I think that second slur is just a bit more offensive".

I've defined the ones I see less often, or that I've only read in books and never seen IRL, or that I just generally think people might not know.

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I'm also debating with myself whether or not I would count any of the numerous colorful ways to say "vomited". That's like a whole list in and of itself.


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