Apr. 22nd, 2017

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In case anyone is getting distracted by the Russian spy drama, North Korea, Bill O'Reilly being fired from Fox News, etc. the following bills have been introduced to Congress:

1. HR 861 Terminate the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
2. HR 610 Vouchers for Public Education
3. HR 899 Terminate the U.S. Department of Education
4. HJR 69 Repeal Rule Protecting Wildlife
5. HR 370 Repeal Affordable Care Act
6. HR 354 Defund Planned Parenthood
7. HR 785 National Right To Work (this one ends unions)
8. HR 83 Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Bill
9. HR 147 Criminalizing Abortion (“Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act”)
10. HR 808 Sanctions against Iran

Please copy/paste and share widely. Call your House Representative and ask them to not only vote "NO"...but to speak up for our rights, health & safety, and our beautiful country.

If your senators and reps aren't saved in your phone yet, text your zip code to 520-200-2223. You'll get a text back with everyone's contact info. It gives you Federal and State.

Copied and pasted directly from here.


Apr. 22nd, 2017 05:48 pm
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So, I ordered a new collar for Finn. He'd had a new collar, but after his original family reclaimed him the first time we lost it. I mean, Eva went to their house and got it back, but she gave it to a friend. But now he's back in our care, legally*, and we need a collar. For some reason, you can get leashes and combs and nail clippers for pets at the supermarket, but collars always require you to visit a pet store, and who has the time? So I ordered one. Technically the shelter gave us one, but the buckle is impossible and we can't get it open.

The collar came yesterday, except somebody opened the Amazon box and took out his regular collar and lost it. Both girls are denying that this was them, but it pretty much has to be. All that's in there is the martingale collar that stays attached to the leash. I don't want to put his tags on that! (And on the subject of tags, why do microchip companies give you tags? Isn't that a bit superfluous? The cats and dogs have tags with their name and phone number on them. If they lose those tags, wouldn't they lose the microchip tag as well? Isn't the whole point of a microchip to be back-up in case the tags get lost?)

This is all very annoying. I may end up at the pet store tomorrow, buying another new collar.

* Not that it was illegal before, because we didn't know who the heck he lived with then. Honestly, I thought he'd been alone on the streets a month or more!


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1. I really ought to update my interests.

2. I hope nobody minds that I randomly subscribed to them. If they do mind, I'm sure they'll tell me, at least.

3. I miss my formative internet homes. Not just LJ, but also Neopets in the good ol' days. *sniff* I hope the nieces have something as good, but somehow, I don't think the current big options are the same at all. (Then again, that's probably the nostalgia talking.)

3a. Specifically from LJ, I miss the communities, and not just fannish ones, thanks, but... mainstream ones? Or ones that had to do with fandom and not a specific media? But even if we could bring them back, it was the commenters that made those places, and we've all grown up and changed a lot. It wouldn't be the same. It's true, you can't ever go back to a time when you were happy.

3b. (Not that we particularly were happy, or are unhappy now, but again, that's the nostalgia talking.)


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