Apr. 15th, 2017

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And a lagniappe Easter one!

Chametz and vampires. (Jewish vampires are a special trope all their own, aren't they?)

Happy Easter! Here Come the Witches
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when the cats are behind on their vaccinations. Plus, I really ought to get them microchipped.

So Callie has now been vaccinated and microchipped! Mama Cat declined to participate. We'll try her again later this week. (I'll wear gloves this time around....)

It seems Callie has a slight heart murmur, which is probably nothing but could be something. The options were a $400 x-ray... or wait and have her listened to again in two months. This was not recommended, but it costs a heck of a lot less, so I went with that. She doesn't seem sick at all, and the vet told me what to watch out for on the off chance that it actually is something to worry about, so if she starts having trouble breathing I'll hie her to the vet and damn the cost.

He did say her teeth are great. This is because I brush them! (Mama Cat doesn't like having her teeth brushed either. Or her claws clipped. Or her fur combed, which is why I arrived at the vet covered in cat hair. She is really quite a frustrating cat sometimes. Happily, the vet let me use their cat-fur-remover on myself.)

I could save money on their boosters by going to a free rabies event, but those never seem to be held near me. If Mama Cat reacts this badly to the carrier, it might be better to suck it up and take her to the vet proper every year rather than a vaccination event.

Finn's owners were not at home. I may have to resort to dropping a note in their mailbox. Pros: Don't have to see these people. Cons: This is not really going to improve discourse, is it?
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I better sign her up with a groomer. But they all charge for the full package, and I really just need her nails done!

Honestly, I have less resistance from Mama Cat, and she bites!


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