Mar. 18th, 2017

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doing two things. The first is asking basic questions like "I got in here! Is there a uniform? Can you leave for lunch? When does it start?" to which I say "Shouldn't you have figured this out before you put it on your application?" I say that in my head, I mean, not to them. Too late there!

The second is going "I got into THIS specialized science high school and THAT really good non-specialized school! Which should I pick!?"

Thus far, none of them has appreciated my excellent advice, which is "meh, they're both academically rigorous. If you don't know which you prefer, subtract commute time from start time and pick the one that lets you sleep in". They don't believe me at all when I say that sleep is possibly the most important factor in a happy adolescence. But at least arguing the point with me has helped some of them make up their minds, which is all they wanted to do in the first place.


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