Mar. 16th, 2017

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5% is still a pittance, but at least it's a respectable pittance, so if you were going to shop from Amazon any time in the near future it may as well be today.
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Well, right now we're just holding him until his humans show up, but given how matted his fur is and how long his nails are - not to mention the state of his teeth! - he's plainly been on the street a while. That, or his humans are just really, really neglectful. Do we want to send him back to that!? (The vet pretty much said that when she checked to see if he was microchipped. I quite agree.)

He's been fixed, and he's getting along nicely with Moonpie, and as well as can be expected with the cats. (Callie isn't thrilled. Mama Cat is pretending she's used to dogs and can't be shocked anymore.) Very friendly and snuggly, though - so maybe he has just been lost for a while.


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