Mar. 10th, 2017

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1. Assist my mother post-surgery
2. Scream my throat out reading Ana's HS admittance letter
3. Educate the girls
4. Buy a jar of lemon curd, but mine is better
5. Read a dismal and grim account of child abuse, which I will not be sharing here
6. Watch all existing episodes of Steven Universe because I got tired of not knowing what other people were talking about, and anyway I needed to erase the previous thing from my memory or I couldn't sleep
6a. Got Eva watching Steven Universe so I could talk about it with somebody who was at the same point I was

That last might not be a very accomplished accomplishment, but it is all mine. Alas, something had to give, and I am way behind on the news. If anything interesting happened between Monday and Thursday, do update me, please.

In honor of number 6, and the fact that it is, um, Caturday (more or less), I present: Lion Loves to Fit in a Box

I'll post my links later, but everything dated is going to be shoved under a cut for those of us who are as behind the times as I am right now. People who are up-to-date can then ignore it.


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