Mar. 7th, 2017

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As a child, I pretty much never did my homework. (And when I did it, many times it didn't get handed in. Even if it made it into the classroom, I'd be beset with the fear that if I handed it in once, the teacher would notice and comment on it, and expect me to keep on doing it. No, thank you.)

We can chalk part of this up to executive dysfunction, and part of it up to a disinclination to spend time drilling material I already understood, and part of it up to insufficient parental homework supervision... but I just remembered something.

In the first or second grade, I got the idea during a doctor's appointment that I could get ahead of the game by doing math workbook pages in advance. And so I went through my workbook and filled out every page that interested me. I was bored, and those pages were all at the end of the book - it was as much fun as a crossword puzzle or a maze book!

I did 20 or 30 pages like this, but somehow, we never got to the pages I'd already completed. Just skipped right past them.


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