Mar. 3rd, 2017

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I'm not sure if one scene a day is a slow pace or a rapid one, but it does mean we'll finish before we go see the play on stage, so that's the pace we're taking. I *am* sure that our new faster pace of algebra will kill us, but I looked at our schedule and realized that we either speed up and take the Regents in June, or she ends up with a month of dead time before she takes the Regents in August. Neither option is great, but I thought it was better to try for June, and if it doesn't work out she can always take it again in August.

Talking about enrichment summer school now. I want Ana to take a full year's worth of science and take the Regents, but that'll eat up a minimum of three hours a day, plus commute time. If we don't have buy-in, it's not worth doing it. I promised to pay her, but her argument that summer is her free time and she can see her friends is a valid point (although I generously didn't counterargue that mostly she lies around and plays Minecraft). So it's sort of up to her. I just wish I'd found an optional summer school, um, option that was closer than Queens - all the public options are only for failing students.


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