Feb. 23rd, 2017

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Took her to the vet to get fixed. (This must be the only building in NYC where the first floor is a level up. Very frustrating when you consider that the only building directory is in the elevator!)

She was scared to go in her carrier, shivered the whole way there. When I let her out at the vet's, she ran around and sat in half a dozen laps, none of which were mine. (Apparently, nobody here minds dogs just running around the waiting room so long as they behave, a policy I heartedly approved of because I forgot her leash at home.) Then, when she came out of surgery, she bit a technician. This is mostly a non-event, but apparently they have to contact animal control whenever they get bitten, and we'll have a follow-up call in ten days to confirm she doesn't have rabies. As she's vaccinated, this is just a formality. Poor baby.


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