Feb. 10th, 2017

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FFS, Barry, can you get yourself a nemesis who has any motive at all other than defeating other speedsters, beating other speedsters, stealing speed from other speedsters? Go pick a fight with the mob or something!
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And when I say "all night", I mean "the sun was coming up when I fell asleep". All that coughing makes me thirsty, so I drink water, so when I wasn't coughing I was peeing. It was not fun. And when I wasn't coughing or peeing, I was sneezing. Sneezed so hard I bit my tongue. Repeatedly.

On the other hand, the kids are better from their own colds (how they got sick later and now are better faster I don't know) and we can do school now. AND my Grains of Paradise arrived in the mail, so I can cook with it yay!
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When I was a child, I was very clumsy. Very, very clumsy. Like, omg. (My fine motor skills were not great either.)

And when I was a child, I frequently bit my own tongue. Hard. When I was eating, when I was talking, during dance class.

And then I grew out of biting my own tongue (thank goodness) and eventually grew out of the worst of the clumsiness, though I've been left with a lingering fear that I will be clumsy and knock into people.

If the girls bite their tongues hard enough to make them cry, I haven't seen or heard any of it. It this something common to kids, or was it a "just me" thing? (And if it's the latter, is it an autism thing? I hate asking that question, because you know what happens is that anybody who is autistic and does whatever-it-is will say "oh, gosh, yes" and then your data is completely skewed. But still.)


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