Jan. 31st, 2017

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*glances at the news*

Fuuuuck. Can I have a do-over?

Sigh. You know the drill, guys. Batten down the hatches, and keep calling your congress critters. At this point, I'm not even sure what to say anymore, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to just call and have a friendly chitchat. If you want to get me something for my birthday, and it's not a pony, take $5 and donate it to the lefty not-for-profit of your choice. Right now both PP and the ACLU are swimming in cash (Thanks, Trump?) but the FFRF, Lambda, the SPLC - my guess is they haven't had quite the windfall since they weren't in the news. (And when in doubt, you can always donate to City Harvest.)
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It was so smooth, I almost gave this woman money just because!

Her: Good morning!
Me: Hi?
Her: So how're you doing?
Me: Fine, thanks, and you?
Her: Oh, sorry, I thought you were somebody I knew!
Me: LOL, it happens!

And then, when my guard was down -

Her: Listen, I'm a little short, can I borrow $5?

If I'd had any small bills, I really might have given her something. I wasn't fooled from the second she said "Listen", but still. It was really well done, and if she's careful to keep switching grocery stores she can probably keep it up a while before people get annoyed.


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