Jan. 24th, 2017

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Nobody likes him, everybody hates him. Don't you just want to send him a bag of gummy worms?

Sooooo, everybody and their dog has their own pet armchair diagnosis of Donald Trump. "Dementia" is popular among the subset of the population that hasn't heard of narcissism, although a cursory examination of the evidence shows he's been like this a long time.

Here, somewhat randomly, are two Siris talking to each other. They seem convincingly human, right up until the point where they don't, not even a little.

And here is an article I read a few months ago about Trump. I probably posted it then, but I finally figured out what wigged me out about it. Check out the quote:

“OK,” I say. “You’re basically alone. Your wife is still asleep” – he was then married, but not for much longer, to his second wife, Marla Maples – “you’re in the bathroom shaving and you see yourself in the mirror. What are you thinking?”

From Trump, a look of incomprehension.

Me: “I mean, are you looking at yourself and thinking, ‘Wow. I’m Donald Trump’?”

Trump remains puzzled.

Me: “OK, I guess I’m asking, do you consider yourself ideal company?”

(At the time, I deemed Trump’s reply unprintable. But that was then.)

Trump: “You really want to know what I consider ideal company?”

Me: “Yes.”

Trump: “A total piece of ass.”

Trump is asked an existential question which he doesn't understand and can't answer. And so, groping for something to say, he resorts to a smutty comment.

This is not how humans speak. This is what you get from chatbots. We have a *shudder* president now who could not reliably pass a Turing test.

And when you look at it in this light, it all makes sense. The bizarre fixations. The fragmented sentences. The obsessive tweeting.

Armchair diagnosis completed: Donald Trump is nothing more than a poorly designed android whose grasp of humans barely makes it out of the chatbot stage. It's sad, really. It's like that Moriarty episode of TNG, except their AI is more I.


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