Jan. 11th, 2017

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With the homeschool group, so tickets were $2.50 each. Sweet! Except that I could only get student tickets, not an adult ticket. And then, at the end of the play, after I hung around Times Square an hour, the ushers said "Oh, we would've let you in, even without a ticket!"


Oh, well.

Things seen while the kids were watching the play:

1. An enormous billboard in Times Square reminding us all that #communismkills. I'm a little concerned about the fact that somebody not only thought it was a good idea to pay for a huge billboard in Times Square on the subject, in 2017, but that they were able to drum up the money for this. There's something bizarre about rehashing the cold war.

2. A sign on the theater's bathroom door, stating that "anyone of any gender identity/expression can use whichever restroom with which they are most comfortable." +100 points for transfriendly, -27 points for sentence structure.

3. Some guy singing This Little Light of Mine in a minor key. It sounds surprisingly good that way.


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