Jan. 9th, 2017

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Yesterday, she approached me while I had the dog in my lap, tail up, and purred while I pet her. Then she got up and sniffed the dog's tail. This is amazing progress, and I am super proud.


Math Goblins

Hummingbirds see motion in an unexpected way

This 3,500-Year-Old Greek Tomb Upended What We Thought We Knew About the Roots of Western Civilization

Man who used life savings to buy a field discovers ruins of an entire lost city under the ground (This makes it sound like he stumbled across the city, but in fact, he bought the field thinking the city might be there.)

Meat-eating pitcher plants raise deathtraps to an art

Centuries of New York History Prepare for a Move

Growing crops in the city, without soil or natural light.

Using fat to help wounds heal without scars

Watch a Melodramatic Communist Ballet from 1964

Trailblazing Hasidic woman judge: 'It's the American dream'

Scientists learn how to ramp up microbes' ability to make memories

China’s Sinuous ‘Lucky Knot’ Bridge Has No Beginning and No End

How Science Is Helping Us Understand Gender

Refugee youths find safe haven in Boy Scouts of America

A ‘World Unto Itself’ in New York Area Yeshivas: Floor Hockey

How long did it take to hatch a dinosaur egg? Study says 3-6 months

How to Become a ‘Superager’

A statistical analysis of the art on convicts’ bodies

Uprooted by war, fearing troops, Myanmar girls learn karate

Did Inadequate Women’s Healthcare Destroy Star Wars’ Old Republic?

$150 homes revive ancient techniques to fight climate crisis

Animal study shows harmful effects of secondhand smoke even before pregnancy

Automated book-culling software drives librarians to create fake patrons to "check out" endangered titles

Devastated by militants, 3,000-year-old city left to looters

House Republicans reverse course following ethics fiasco

Shielded Native American sites thrust into debate over dams

Americans — not just liberals — have a religious literacy problem

Navy, Trump planning biggest fleet expansion since Cold War

The legacy of Vietnam still shapes America, even if most of us are too young to remember it.

If You're a Federal Employee and Congress Doesn't Like You, They Can Slash Your Pay to a Dollar

Ivory Coast president says deal reached to end army mutiny

The Atlantic Ocean and an Actual Debate in Climate Science

Global warming hiatus disproved -- again

When I talk about Climate Change, I don’t talk about science.

Small percentage of hate crimes aimed at whites

Reprisals, Rape, and Children Burned Alive: Burma’s Rohingya Speak of Genocidal Terror
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prickly on the outside, squishy in the middle. (She's never read Wizard's Hall, and I can't find my copy, but whatevs.) She denies it very loudly and made me promise not to say it in front of her friends ("they don't know about that!") but I'll point out that when I told her that in a year or so her cactus necklace, Huxley, would have to be repotted she said, in the dreamiest, gooiest voice you've ever heard "Oh, that's right, he's going to grow big and strong!"

Yeah. That's Ana. She's a marshmallow.


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