Jan. 6th, 2017

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is the idea that neighborhoods can change names. Not just residents and culture and character, but actual names.

When my mother goes to chemo, she usually takes a cab up and a bus back. Now, the cab drives past "Two Bridges Apartments", and I noticed when we did high school admissions that many high schools Ana was interested in were listed as being in "Two Bridges". I would call that neighborhood Chinatown, and that's what InsideSchools calls it, but the DoE says "Two Bridges" is not quite the same as "Chinatown". And then we take the M15 back through that same neighborhood at the end of the day, sandwiched between those same two bridges, and pass The Five Points Mission. That name is above the door. Same location, three neighborhood names.

I live in Stapleton. Stapleton has a reputation, so if you live up on the hill a bit you might say you live in "Stapleton Heights". This isn't really a thing, but it kinda is - larger, older, costlier homes, with all that implies about the residents compared to two blocks away.

Meanwhile, when we read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn last year, Williamsburg is still Williamsburg, except nowadays nobody would describe it as a slum.

I have undoubtedly thought more about this subject than it really deserves, so now I'm sharing the love.


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