Jan. 3rd, 2017

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And this one episode (season 2, episode 3) is taking forever due to connection problems argh.

So, our alien visitors will be automatically granted the rights and privileges of citizens? Is that really what you mean to say, Madame President? Because if that's the case, I really want to know what the usual immigration policy is over in Supergirl's world. How many Syrian (and other) refugees did they admit last year?


Jan. 3rd, 2017 12:44 am
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She eats cat food and is ecstatic about cat treats.
She sits on laps like a cat.
She doesn't bark, in the same way cats don't bark.

And yet, she doesn't purr. We pet her and snuggle her, but I'm always left with a nagging feeling that maybe she doesn't really enjoy this. How can I tell? She isn't purring! (To be fair, I sometimes have that problem with humans.)

She is a complete failure as a cat. OUR DOG NEEDS TO LEARN TO PURR.
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but the cats are surprisingly pleased with it.


(Yes, I know, just like dogs should not eat cat food, cats should not eat dog food. Try telling them that! I have no idea how to divvy up the food bowls so everybody can access only their species-designated food options. At least the humans haven't been caught eating the pet food. I should count my blessings.)
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Which means TurboTax is sending me spammy emails. Tax season approacheth.

Which makes me think. Supergirl is working for the DEO, so... are they giving her a paycheck? If so, whom are they making it out to, and how does she report this on her taxes?

I guess maybe it's an unpaid position, then... but wow, that's so dodgy. We should all stand up against the scourge that is unpaid internships. Shame on Supergirl for setting a bad example.


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