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Who can't be more than four months old. I have no idea what she's doing away from her mama, living on a street with buses passing by every 15 minutes, buses that terrify her.

The ASPCA van is going to be in the area tomorrow, but alas, I couldn't find her. I'll take a look again this week, and if I see her, I'll feed her and grab her up a little sooner to get fixed. (I'm not keeping her, geez, but I will see if I can pawn her off on a neighbor. Otherwise I will put up some signs, as it's even odds that somebody lost her. She's skittish, but she's definitely not feral.)

On the feral front, our porch cat, Lola, has been acting odder than usual lately. She's always been more semi-feral than true feral, but now she follows me around (from a safe distance) and creeps closer when I'm interacting with other cats, as though to observe. I've had cats follow me around before, but they were all tame. I do not quite know what to make of this. I'm working somewhat haphazardly on reducing her flight distance. I have no idea what I plan to do once it's sufficiently reduced, but it passes the time.


A Look at the Awesome but Ridiculously Old Technology That Runs the NYC Subway System

The troubleshooting teddies of Tirana

Mild traumatic brain injuries are common, yet tracking how a person is healing is still a patchwork of tests that aren’t always reliable. A new blood test might change that.

Cell aging slowed by putting brakes on noisy transcription

New York City Questions English, Math and Science Taught at Yeshivas

What a volcanic explosion 250 million years ago tells us about climate change.

Windows 10: Microsoft under attack over privacy

Children begin to rationalize rather than change their circumstances by as early as age four, a new study suggests.

The FDA Agrees Hospitals Should Stop Using Hackable Drug Pumps

The Rise of the Underground Economy

Fetal Tissue Gives Hope for One of the Worst Diseases

Is the U.S. Ready to Become Scandinavia?

Earth's magnetic shield is much older than previously thought

States Rethink Restrictions on Food Stamps, Welfare for Drug Felons

Scientists find the single letter in corn’s DNA that spurred its evolution

How to Fix Our Interstates

A Company Copes With Backlash Against the Raise That Roared

There’s a naive idea floating around that an innocent person should never be afraid of cops

Alabama reconsiders immigration law after not-brown person gets arrested

Sex trafficking: Lifelong struggle of exploited children

Why It Matters Whether an Attack on Palestinians Is 'Terrorism'

Wikileaks Latest Info-Dump Shows, Again, That The NSA Indeed Engages In Economic Espionage Against Allies


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Poor baby.

She threw up right on my bed. Poor me!


How U.S.-style megachurches are taking over the world, in 5 maps and charts

High School Student Proves Professor Wrong When He Denied “No Irish Need Apply” Signs Existed

GM Mosquitoes Set To Be Released In Brazil To Combat Dengue

How Pell Grants Could Give America's Prisoners an Education and Save Their Lives

No, scientists aren’t predicting 10ft higher sea level by 2050

How Rich People Raise Rich Kids

'Glass floor' protecting middle classes from social slide

Model shows how surge in wealth inequality may be reversed

No One Knew This Plant Existed Until It Was Posted to Facebook

Can a Public Defender Really Handle 700 Cases a Year?

China sets up first unmanned factory; all processes are operated by robots

The FBI Built a Database That Can Catch Rapists — Almost Nobody Uses It

Scientists have synthesized a new compound that ‘mimics’ exercise. Could a workout pill be far behind?

Which oils are best to cook with?

Filmmakers fighting “Happy Birthday” copyright find their “smoking gun”

Can you click on the drowning child before the lifeguard rescues them? A visual reminder that drowning doesn't look like you think.

These Programs Are Helping Prisoners Live Again On The Outside

Is short-termism wrecking the economy?

Defending Backpage, Sex Workers Say Removing Online Ads Does Them More Harm

Origins of life: New model may explain emergence of self-replication on early Earth

Lithuania’s Startling Campaign to Erase Its Ugly History of Nazi Collaboration

High-speed police chases have killed thousands of innocent bystanders

"Educators seldom have enough time to do their business. What’s that doing to the state of learning?" (You can read the comments over at MetaFilter. Honestly, bathroom rights are human rights. When I was a kid, teachers could step out for a pee. Ugh.)

Crispr: Breakthrough announced in technique of 'editing' DNA to fight off deadly illnesses

HIV flushed out by cancer drug

White Flight Never Ended

She couldn’t pay her bond. How a bail system the Justice Department has called unconstitutional may have contributed to her death.

Mike Huckabee Won't Rule Out Using Federal Troops To Stop Abortions. (Don't vote for this guy!)

Police Shootings Won't Stop Unless We Also Stop Shaking Down Black People
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This isn't actually a hypothetical, that is what I've decided, but let's pretend it is.

Does anybody know of any good adaptations for younger people of ANY epics (not just the usual suspects) they'd like to recommend?
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I know it's not true that bullies really have low self-esteem and don't love themselves, but is it really true that they're all cowards deep inside? I can find online information on the one but not the other, just repeated assertions of same.
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Three days in a row they predicted thunderstorms, three days in a row we got bupkis.

Earlier today it said we were under a heat advisory until Wednesday at 6, now it's lasting until Thursday at 8. We're also under an air quality advisory, and Ana has track tomorrow.

God damn it.

We went to the pool today (special late hours, probably because of the aforementioned heat advisory), stayed there the entire afternoon. OMG the kids are exhausting. (But did they have the decency to get nicely tuckered out? No, no they did not.)


Here’s what I did when racists complained about an interracial family in my magazine

What Endures From the Ancient Civilizations That Once Ruled the Central Andes?

If White People Food Were Described Like “Exotic” Food

What Are the Most Common Forms of Sex Toy Injuries?

Good Vibrations: U.S. Consumer Web Site Aims to Enhance Sex Toy Safety (four year old link)

Vegetable Calligraphy And if you think that's nifty, just wait until you hear this carrot clarinet.

Jamestown excavation unearths four bodies — and a mystery in a small box

New research: Comparing how security experts and non-experts stay safe online

Websites, Please Stop Blocking Password Managers. It’s 2015

Meet the Adorable "Sea Bunny" Taking Over the Internet

7 Modern Conveniences That Are Way Older Than You Think

Kids in India Are Sparking Urban Planning Changes by Mapping Slums

Scientists solve bizarre 'hair ice' mystery

For true penal reform, focus on the violent offenders

A Day Of Triumph In A Time Of Change: Cuba's High Holiday Explained

Delhi's cheap food war: Street vendors fear city's canteen scheme will threaten their livelihoods

Mass Transit Doesn't Cause Gentrification

I Am Deathly Allergic To The World's Most Popular Smell

Empty and all but unknown, ghost trains are one of British transport’s strangest quirks. Why do they exist?

Why Mammals Have a Monopoly On Milk

Common Waters: Politics and the public water fountain (The last comment upon posting asks what a "slippery dip is". From reading the children's book Trouble Twisters, I can confirm that it is a regional term for a slide or sliding board. This is not related to the topic, I just wanted to clarify. Also, do read the comments.)

Researchers Hack Air-Gapped Computer With Simple Cell Phone

An Ingenious Shower Liner With Inflatable Spikes That Force a Person Out of the Shower After Four Minutes

Being Neurotic Makes It Harder for You to Remember Things

Mystery pooper targeting holes of Norwegian golf course

Grow better veggies with LEDs

Gay rights in Eastern Europe: A new battleground for Russia and the West

China doesn’t want your trash anymore—and that could spell big trouble for American cities

Is the world losing the fight against 'superbugs'?

The staggering number of wrongful convictions in America


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The eggs were a little older than I'd like, so I tested them in some cold water before cracking to make sure they didn't float. They can still be bad even if they don't float, but the odds are lower.

And here I am, cracking eggs into a separate bowl (you crack a rotten egg into your cake batter just once and that is a mistake you will never make again) when one makes a bid for freedom and starts rolling off the counter.

Like a fool, I moved forward to catch it, it cracked right on my thigh and - yup, that was a bad one. Of all the rotten luck.

Now, as this was going on I was also trying to chivvy Ana up for breakfast. So when she hears me transition suddenly from "C'mon, Ana, you gotta take your inhaler!" to "OH GOD DAMN IT!" she bolts up out of bed and goes "What did I do????"

"Oh, uh, this wasn't you honey, this was the egg."

But I guess there's a silver lining here, in that one she shot out of bed she didn't get back in!


How School Districts Seal Their Students Into Poverty

Traffic Takes A Tremendous Global Toll, But Cheap Fixes Can Save Lives

A Common Hospital Infection May be Coming To Us From Food

This Dog Found a Clever Way to Retrieve Her Ball From a Pool Without Getting Wet

The invisible network that keeps the world running

Some Guantanamo inmates would go to U.S. under new plan: Obama aide

An Ambiguous Victory for Gay Rights in Europe

How Much Acetaminophen a Day is Safe? Canada May Decide It’s Less

Endangered butterfly recovering in some, not all, of range

San Francisco combats the stench of urine with pee-repellant paint

Transgender Women Face Inadequate Health Care, 'Shocking' HIV Rates (Don't read the comments!)

Can Breadfruit Overcome Its Past to Be a Superfood of the Future?

The 1 percent’s twisted games: How they’re distorting reality and diluting democracy

The Cancer Epidemic in Central Appalachia

How Do Fireflies Glow? Mystery Solved After 60 Years

Palm Oil Is In Everything -- And It's Destroying Southeast Asia's Forests

Are Americans More Pessimistic About Race—or More Realistic?

The Scientific Explanation Behind Underwater 'Fairy Circles'

Everyone Has the Right to Mouth Off to Cops

Salt Is Slowly Crippling California's Almond Industry

Do the world’s ‘uncontacted’ tribes deserve to be left alone?

Group To Unveil Satan Statue In Detroit During ‘Largest Public Satanic Ceremony In History’ (God, sometimes I love the Satanist. They certainly act with style.)

Why Schools Over-Discipline Children With Disabilities

Why We Were Totally Wrong About How Boa Constrictors Kill


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Will post one, lest I forget:

It's been percolating in the back of my head for awhile: why is so little effort put into developing fun and games in science fiction or fantasy universes?

From [personal profile] dialecticdreamer

There's some interesting stuff in the comments, and the girls and I are going to get up in the morning and do things even if it kills us.
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I don't get it. The PKK has been active pretty much my entire life. Turkey isn't going to forget that just because they've got ISIS knocking at the door. I know we say the enemy of your enemy is your friend, but in real life terms sharing an enemy doesn't actually make us all one big happy family. It makes us, at best, a highly dysfunctional family "celebrating" the world's shittiest Thanksgiving.

Sometimes I look at current events, and I'm reminded of the popular conception of WWI. (No surprise there, given that a. we're now at 100 years since the start of the war and b. an insane amount of shit is going on that probably relates to how the borders were redrawn at the end of that conflict.) People talk about WWI, and the image in your mind is that the world's population just kinda sleepwalked fatalistically into war because they couldn't quite summon the energy to hop off the tracks. This probably isn't true, but that's the picture. In that view of history, they must have been almost grateful when war was declared, because at least they didn't have to wait anymore.

So I look at current events, and it's the same thing. ISIS murders people in Turkey. In retaliation, the PKK kills two soldiers, so Turkey bombs them right back, and at every step I'm sitting there going "You people know how stupid this is, right? Seriously, how is this supposed to help?"
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I screwed that up big time, and I think I know what I did wrong and am not asking for advice. (It WAS pretty interesting, though. Opened it up to burp it, and it started bubbling out all over me like a shaken soda. So I moved to the sink, and then found that I couldn't push down the grated squash with my ceramic knife, there was too much pressure in the brine underneath.)

But yeah. Dumped the whole thing out. Jenn wants me to pickle some beets. I may do that, or I may pickle some turnips. With mint.

But this is not why I am posting. I am posting to share this: Gul Dukat pictures + Zapp Brannigan quotes. I haven't read the news yet, and I have no other links of any interest, but I just couldn't wait until the morning to share that.

(Well, okay, there may be ONE more link: Long Before Trees Overtook the Land, Earth Was Covered by Giant Mushrooms)
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It's just fun!

So I've got one set of garlicky dill pickles, and one set of dill squash pickles with no garlic, and one set of spicy dill pickles with a little garlic, and some relish which I'm not sure will turn out, and a set of experimental pickles with ginger and basil and cilantro. (If you only need a little basil, is it stealing to rummage around in the basket and take some leaves that have fallen rather than pay $4 for the entire bunch? I don't really care, because that's what I did, but....)

So I'm trying to work out what I'll do with this surfeit of pickles, and I found this. Now, that sounds like a good idea!

(And pretty soon, I'm gonna make me some lox.)


Poor U.S. urban road conditions take toll on motorists' pocketbooks

Fuck speech acts

Four-legged snake sheds light on mysteries of reptile evolution

Aircraft 'bomb bag' limits on board explosion impact

Can Sound Explain a 350-Year-Old Clock Mystery?

Frigid offices, freezing women, oblivious men: An air-conditioning investigation

Meet the Rogue Dairy Queen That Serves Whatever It Wants

Pharmacy owners cannot cite religion to deny medicine: U.S. appeals court

The bizarre, desperate, occasionally cruel medical treatments for bedwetting.

World's first malaria vaccination approved

Mother of all battles in scarcity-hit Venezuela: having a baby

Math Works Great—Until You Try to Map It Onto the World

Abruptly Warming Climate Triggered Megabeast Revolutions

Dirty Air Correlates with Lower Grades in Texas Schoolchildren

Immigrant parents sue Texas over US-born children’s birth certificates

NASA estimates 1 billion ‘Earths’ in our galaxy alone

The American way of using fork and knife is inefficient and inelegant. We need a new way.

3D 'printouts' at the nanoscale using self-assembling DNA structures

Amateur archaeologist finds Nazi gold hoard

Alligator Found Roaming Streets of Inwood

In a warming forest, fungi may be key to trees' survival

America Is Even Less Socially Mobile Than Most Economists Thought

Study throws doubt on education benefit of deworming children

Lawmakers to Introduce Historic LGBT Non-Discrimination Bills

Why Is This Wild, Pea-Sized Tomato So Important?

Why Web Accessibility for the Disabled Makes Sense for Everyone

Listen! Beowulf opening line misinterpreted for 200 years

Living in Switzerland ruined me for America and its lousy work culture

Mystery solved? Study says three-fold increase in autism is due in large part to changing diagnoses No shit.

The Strangely Successful History of People Mailing Themselves in Boxes

Resolving social conflict is key to survival of bacterial communities
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With cucumber and with summer squash!

Funny thing, though, I had a lot less cucumbers than I thought I should have. Either my ability to count is waaaay off, or we have a bag of rotting cucumbers somewhere in the house I don't know where....
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But that's exactly what Eva plans to do when she visits her friend Eve, so we better hie us to the store soon.

And I'd better make lunch. I have no idea what I'm doing for lunch.


How to Disappear a Country

How Vandalism And Fear Ended Abortion In Northwest Montana

Facebook must hand over New York users' info to prosecutors, court rules

Armadillos cause spike in leprosy cases in Florida

DNA uncovers mystery migration to the Americas


Navajo Nation loosens language requirements for top leaders

Native Americans seek hate crime investigation in killing

Con Ed Is Begging Business Owners To Stop Air Conditioning The Sidewalks

More Teens Use 'Morning-After Pill,' Study Finds

Winner Of French Scrabble Title Does Not Speak French

Underage African footballers 'trafficked' to Laos

The Diaper Dilemma: How not being able to afford a basic baby necessity hurts mothers’ mental health and their ability to parent

Hackers Remotely Kill a Jeep on the Highway—With Me in It

Senate struggles over long-term transportation funding

Despite animosity, Moscow's Muslims change the city

Cracked Bones Reveal Cannibalism by Doomed Arctic Explorers

Bionic eye implant world first

Views of Pluto Through the Years

Israel ramps up punishments for stone-throwers, Palestinians protest

What We Can Learn About the Wage Gap by Mapping Where Men and Women Live

Scientists find first drug that appears to slow Alzheimer's disease

Pennsylvania couple rents chickens to egg fans, urban farmers

Gladiator Fights Revealed in Ancient Graffiti

Chain, Chest, Curse: Combating Book Theft in Medieval Times

Why American Cities Are Fighting to Attract Immigrants


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Astronauts' skin gets thinner in space, scientists say

The old suburban office park is the new American ghost town

When Prosecutors Believe the Unbelievable

Wisconsin Governor Walker signs 20-week abortion ban into law

The beautiful creatures with a deadly streak

Fox News Confused, Baffled By The Moon

How Hot Chicken Really Happened

Why everyone should stop calling immigrant food ‘ethnic’

Dolphins' collapsible lungs help them avoid 'bends', new study finds

The Onion accidentally breaks a real news story

Iridescent Pools Discovered in Undersea Volcano's Crater

George Clooney seeks to expose those who fund and profit from wars in Africa

Autism, ADHD run high in children of chemically intolerant mothers

Why can't men be Olympic synchronised swimmers?

New saliva test may catch Alzheimer's disease early

A revolution in how doctors are paid isn’t really changing how doctors are paid

How the American South Drives the Low-Wage Economy

India's ingenious solar canals save water while producing electricity

Rich, white & in total control: The clearest evidence yet that our democracy is broken

Swamp power: how the world's wetlands can help stop climate change

How High Def Is Changing Your Brain—and Driving the Prop Master Crazy

Americans favor Supreme Court term limits

How E. Coli Could Power a Predatory Robot

Our Impoverished Debate About Housing Segregation

More children living in poverty now than during recession

Search for life now extends to outer reaches of solar system

Single cell eyeball creature startles scientists

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We've really had a cool, wet summer. I'd be happier about this except that several years ago I read an article predicting that the melting ice at the North Pole could lead to cool, wet summers for the Northeast, and then that's what we got. So good job, scientist, that's a great prediction, but now temperate weather in summer reminds me that GLOBAL WARMING IS GONNA KILL US ALL and I can't be too happy about it.

At any rate, we're in the 90s today, which means a heat advisory, so first I told my mom that I wanted Eva out of the house and somewhere air conditioned for her health, and then I went and told Eva the same thing about my mom (which somewhat more honesty, I will admit), and then they both went to the Met with Ana, so I have the house to myself!

...I ended up napping. What a waste.

In retrospect, I should've gone to The Strand or something. But! It's gonna be equally hot tomorrow, and Jenn's gonna be home, so if I clean the kitchen now and fold the laundry I should have enough goodwill piled up to spring this on her! (And Eva can go to the library tomorrow, and Ana can do whatever the heck she likes.)

Oh, in other news, LJ is running a survey on how to improve the site. And you know, the number 1 thing that could improve LJ is all the users who left coming back, but that's not a change they can actually effect.... Well, fill out the survey anyway.


Families hit by rare early Alzheimer's push for research

Why Austrians are opening their homes to refugees

Congress to examine FBI handling of Tennessee shooter

The Poverty Line Was Designed Assuming Every Family Had a Housewife Who Was a 'Skillful Cook'

Fighting to Bring Women in History to Central Park

Heartache and suffering: Slavery in Brazil

Nanowires give 'solar fuel cell' efficiency a tenfold boost

A closer look at the president’s speech on criminal justice reform.

Carlos and Roby are two ex-convicts with a simple mission: picking up inmates on the day they’re released from prison and guiding them through a changed world.

Dinosaur find: Velociraptor ancestor was 'winged dragon'

Prehistoric Herbivore Used Saber-Like Teeth For Combat

US wins Math Olympiad for first time in 21 years. Is math education improving?

How Chicago Is Trying to Integrate Its Suburbs

Apparently, many colorblind people think peanut butter is green. Who knew?

How One Law Banning Ethnic Studies Led to Its Rise (LOL!)

La Gloria: An American corner in Cuba

Rain calms California fire that jumped freeway, burned cars

Scientists Do a Simple Camera Hack And Reveal "Black" Leopards' Spots

Burundi talks suspended ahead of polls after government fails to show

Texas residents condemn plan for Muslim cemetery

The $50 billion plan to save Louisiana's wetlands

Black Police Applicant Frustrated by Opaque Hiring Process


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I have lately been building up my stock of Butterfly Gold dishes. My sister thinks I am crazy obsessed. Nothing could be further from the truth (although I do intend to get a pair of these mugs for the girls, just because I think they'll enjoy them), and as proof, I offer this interview (with photos) of somebody who really DOES have a large collection of vintage Pyrex.

I found that when trying to figure out if I could put my casserole dishes with lids in the oven, or if the lids weren't oven safe. The answer I got is that vintage Pyrex really is oven safe, but after a certain date it's not so much. (They changed the manufacturing process, and newer Pyrex explodes with alarming frequency. The company says that only happens when not used properly, but....) Sadly, I don't know when my particular dishes were made (because Butterfly Gold spans both the "safe" and "not safe" periods) and also, lids are often sold to match items they weren't sold with. So... not so helpful, and if I stick my casserole dishes in the oven I guess I'll use foil?


How mosquitoes zero in on warm bodies

Dangerous Isolation: Meet the Fearless Advocates Helping Rural Women Escape Abuse

Like Humans, Apes Are Susceptible to Spin

Operation Jade Helm 15: Brave tweeter valiantly documents life in Obama-occupied Texas

Your brain’s response to a gross photo can reveal your political leanings (I did not find the article's photo gross at all. Cute li'l rat!)

Blacks may be less likely to get chemo for advanced colon cancer

Species: biological phenomenon or human construct?

Liberals and Wages

BP could get billions in tax breaks on oil spill settlement

The truth about belly button lint

Hawaii Just Got Hit By A July Snow Storm (Seriously)

Charter schools’ worst nightmare: A pro-union movement may change charters forever

World's Biggest Bumblebee at Risk of Extinction

8 Things I Learned Growing Up As A Black Kid Reading Books About White People

What if we talked about monolingual White children the way we talk about low-income children of color?

Futuristic brain probe allows for wireless control of neurons

Arctic deal bans North Pole fishing

Hitchhiking robot begins journey across U.S.

US Customs and Border Protection deported unaccompanied children from Mexico and Canada without documenting how they knew minors would be safe

A new strain of 'flesh-eating' bacteria is spreading globally, scientists warn

In US Prisons, Psychiatric Disability Is Often Met by Brute Force

Sea Creatures Make Brighter Clouds to Cool the Earth


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Here's my official plug for them - Ana really likes their teen programs, and not just because she can get there on her own. (I'm still not completely used to this idea of Ana going up to the Met on her own, but geez, she's entering the 7th grade, this is the normal age for that.)


How the brain perceives time

The best way to deal with America’s incarceration problem is hiding in plain sight

Ukraine takes first step toward giving rebels self-rule

Is kale making people sick?: The dark side of everyone’s favorite superfood

Mosquitoes Can Carry, and Deliver, a Double Dose of Malaria

The English expressions coined in WW1

No bones about it: Cannabis may be used to treat fractures

Shrinking U.S. Army increasingly stretched by global commitments: general

Protesters clash with police at Australian anti-immigration rally

Oldest-known dentistry found in 14,000-year-old tooth

Planned Parenthood deserves to be supported, not attacked

Bill That Lets Bosses Fire Single Women For Getting Pregnant Gains Steam

After 85-year search, massless particle with promise for next-generation electronics found

Japan: Elderly overtake teenagers in crime figures

Study show high-risk areas for Lyme disease growing

Global warming is making your flight longer — and more pollutive

New research might teach us how to make a scarier scream

A Latina 'Anne Of Green Gables' Is Going To Inspire A Whole New Generation Of Young Girls

It Began With Secret Pickles, and Survived a War

EU warning over Russia 'land grab' in South Ossetia border row

After Iran deal, U.S. overtures to Gulf easier than to Israel

Tiny working 3D human hearts grown from nothing — and other organs could be coming


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The other two kids didn't show!

Swim classes at any level other than the very first are so empty that honestly, I'm surprised they even offer them on multiple days.


Thank Scalia for the Revolutionary EEOC Workplace Discrimination Decision

Native Americans Get Shot By Cops at an Astonishing Rate

Steroids can benefit athletes for a decade after use

Rape apologists need an exercise in empathy.

A Metaphor To Explain How Stupid Catcalling Is

New research shows that many cultures do not kiss romantically and some even find it unpleasant

Key parts of the human brain network that give us the power to control and redirect our attention may be unique to humans.

Sorry, Foodies: We're About to Ruin Kale

Living With an Ankle Bracelet

Southern California wildfires: Why drones are a growing problem

Black-Backed Jackals Seek Asylum In Wildlife Preserve As Preventative Measure

Massive study: Birth order has no meaningful effect on personality or IQ

Crossing From Right-Hand-Drive Countries to Left-Hand-Drive Countries (and Vice Versa)

How seltzer water became cooler than Coke

KKK, African-American group plan rallies at South Carolina Capitol

Does Paper Really Burn at 451 Degrees Fahrenheit?

New technology could replace needles, meaning people will never need to be injected again

6 head-scratching Jade Helm conspiracy theories

Poor, nonviolent inmates benefit from U.S. bail reform push

Polite robots show glimmer of self-awareness

100 million-year-old fossils shed new light on Australia’s ancient inland sea

Entrepreneurs don’t have a special gene for risk—they come from families with money

Do You Live in a "Bitch" or a "Fuck" State? American Curses, Mapped

Human Sex Chromosomes Are Sloppy DNA Swappers

What President Obama Saw When He Visited a Federal Prison

Ancient owl vomit may show 'dramatic' human impact on ecosystem


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