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One at the ASPCA event, and one at The Strand. I always enjoy speaking to kids in that age group if they're not in a mob of other kids that age, get them more or less alone from other pre-teens and they tend to be enthusiastically insightful. Ana is entering that stage, and so long as they're alone* it is one of my favorite ages of childhood. Get them in groups and they're a ravening horde, I've never figured out why.

* Not in any skeevy way. Middle schoolers with adults or children younger or older than they are also tend to be friendly and courteous and all that.


Female cave bug sports 'penis-like' sexual organ, study says

An 18-Year-Old Intern Who Kept Screwing Up Brain Surgery On Mice Accidentally Stumbled On A Scientific Breakthrough

Chimpanzees are picky about the wood they build nests with

What It’s Like to Spend 20 Years Listening to Psychopaths for Science

Ukraine’s Animal Victims

Political upheaval and entrenched corruption have left thousands of zoo animals starving.

Japan expands army footprint for first time in 40 years, risks angering China

Russia writes off 90 percent of North Korea debt, eyes gas pipeline

Nearly Half Of All Jailed Youths In New York City Have Brain Injury

Treat wage theft as a criminal offense

General Mills Says If You 'Like' Cheerios On Facebook, You Can No Longer Sue

Coal Ash Is More Radioactive than Nuclear Waste
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And he shows no inclination to lick his wounds, so I've gone and taken his cone off. It was actually a great day. Because I've now gotten several cats fixed at the van, I qualify as an old hand and an expert, and was able to engage in one of my favorite pastimes - giving barely solicited advice to strangers! Two of those strangers didn't make this session, but were convinced to go to the next one, and here is the advice I gave:

1. Get 7am out of your head entirely. People start lining up for the van at about 4. Which is insane, yes, but you still need to be there by 5:30 or 6 to be guaranteed a spot. If you mosey up at 7 there's no way. Any later and even if they miraculously have room they won't let you in.

2. There will be a sign-up sheet if anybody else has done this before. When you show up, find out who has it and put your name on it. If nobody has it, start it yourself and put your name on first. That happened to somebody this week, she didn't know about the list and somehow the person running it didn't see her enter the parking lot, so she waited a long time for nothing.

3. There is no point bringing an animal that hasn't been fixed. They don't give shots without the operation.

4. There is a $120 discount if you're on any form of benefits, including Medicaid and food stamps. They don't care whose card you use, so if you're lucky enough not to need assistance you can borrow a neighbor's. (Everybody I say this to says they use food stamps. Damn, this is a poor area! Even if you consider that of course people with tons of money don't use the ASPCA vans.)

Now that he's been to the vet, I can start, finally, with acclimating the other cats to him.

The girlcat has been wary of attention ever since Ana, thinking she was Tommy, ran up and gave her a big hug and got her in the stomach. I've seen glimpses of her, but she's avoiding most people right now. After we deal with Tommy I may end up borrowing a trap. Better line somebody up first to take her, I think. She seems to have recovered, anyway.
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And before the cutoff, too! I admit, I was a little worried when I shared the bus with another person on the same errand, but we got there juuuuuuust in time.

One unfortunate woman didn't realize there was a sign-up sheet, so she ended up having to come back next week. At least she knows now! The sign-up is run semi-formally by whoever is there who knows to pass around a list. The website does mention this is how it should be done, but not in very large print.


On the hunt for S.F. street stamp typos

This Affordable Mass Transit Technology Is Now All But Illegal in Tennessee

Am I the only one, after all the various articles, who pictures the Koch brothers as an amalgamation between Stadler and Waldorf and the rich dudes from Trading Places?

Report: Walmart Workers Cost Taxpayers $6.2 Billion In Public Assistance

Plant Breeders Release First 'Open Source Seeds'

The world's dumbest idea: Taxing solar energy

U.S. ground troops going to Poland, defense minister says

Earth-sized planet found orbiting in a habitable zone

Kepler-186f is a 'tip-of-the-iceberg discovery' that suggests there could be many other planets beyond our solar system potentially friendly to life, astronomers say.

Banking Industry Shamelessly Fleeces Even the Paltry Savings of Ex-Prisoners

Oklahoma Prohibits Cities From Raising the Minimum Wage While Voting in Tax Credits for Investors

When the federal government wants to raise the minimum wage, it's no no no, communities know best, states rights guys! But when the local government wants to raise the minimum wage, that argument no longer applies? States trump all, I guess.

Childhood bullying 'can lead to depression and unemployment in adulthood'

Resegregation in the American South

The comments are faux concerned "oh, blacks can't do well unless they're surrounded by whites", but I think the article makes clear that de facto segregation manages to be in some ways even worse than the old kind, because at least back then you had a chance of getting a talented black teacher in your segregated school and going to a good all-black college, whereas now the system is rigged so the best teachers get a choice of where to teach, and of course they tend to pick the better schools (and given the gerrymandering described, I wouldn't be one bit surprised to find that the funding for some schools is heck of a lot better than for others, and no guesses as to which ones.)
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The weather was really quite nice, and the girls and their friend did nothing but eat like birds. By which, of course, I mean they attempted to eat three times their own body weight. They might actually have succeeded in that. I thought I brought enough food. I really thought I brought enough money! The only thing I brought enough of was books, and despite what my sister thinks I just barely did.

Ana also finally got to ride a camel. Now she is irritated that she didn't get to sit in the front. I suspect they did it in size order, so she's outta luck there.


Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he has "a right" to send troops into Ukraine but hopes he will "not have to exercise that right".

Mafia mobsters are more sensitive, family-centred and less selfish than other criminals

Norwegian Fisherman Discovers Dildo Inside Cod Stomach

Fox News outraged that all the people it told not to buy insurance can't get insurance until fall

None of this would even be an issue if we just went with single-payer....

Pro-lifers can't reverse Roe v Wade. So they're shutting down clinics with red tape and a smile. Don't believe the lie

The shooting at Jewish centers in Overland Park, Kansas, is tragic, but it is only one of hundreds of attacks against Jewish persons and institutions each year in the United States. Anti-Jewish hate crimes are the most common religious hate crime in the United States.

I would have assumed it was anti-Muslim hate crimes myself. I don't think demographics explains it - there are only about two or three times as many Jews as Muslims in the US, but the percentage of hate crimes seems more than two or three times higher!

U.N. climate report: We must focus on “decarbonization,” and it won’t wreck the economy
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Probably because it was an old receipt from the last time it was checked out. And I told her that when I was a kid, we didn't get a receipt.

Eva: What, they just expected you to remember when all your books were due?
Me: No. See, in the back cover there was a little yellow pocket, with lines making boxes. And when they had the book, it had a card, which also had lines and boxes. You signed on a line, and they took the card and stamped a date on it so they knew who had it and when it was due. And they stamped the same date in one of the boxes in the book so YOU knew.
Eva: So they had lots of stamps for each day???
Me: No, the stamps turned so they could set it to different days and months. On a wheel.
Eva: (utterly sincere) That's amazing!

I didn't tell her this method is much faster, although you miss out on seeing who else checked out the book.
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But the weather just turned crappy. (And my lightweight jacket is covered in cat hair. Really covered. Even by my standards covered, and I have very low standards.) So now I need to bribe them with something indoors. There's a movie theater right nearby, and a Barnes and Noble next door.


As Taxes Rise, Half in U.S. Say Middle-Income Pay Too Much

A near-record high of 23% say lower-income Americans pay too little

Google Glass available to anyone for one day only

This Fish Crawled Out of the Water…and Into Creationists' Nightmares

Nigeria unrest: 'Attackers abduct 200 schoolgirls'

“Brightest Flashlight” Android app disclosed location of 50 million people, but FTC imposes no fine

U.N. climate panel: Governments must do more in face of dire global-warming threats

US Is an Oligarchy Not a Democracy, says Scientific Study

Too lazy to actually look at study. Definitely too, too lazy. If anybody else does and finds it doesn't say that at all or the work is super shoddy, let me know.

IPCC report shows action on climate change is not spending, it's investing

The Movement to Ordain Mormon Women

TurboTax maker linked to grassroots campaign against free, simple tax filing

LAPD officers monkey-wrenched cop-monitoring gear in patrol cars
Police oversight body is not happy: "We need to be brought in right away."

A photographer who snapped what could be the world's only girl hunting with a golden eagle says watching her work was an amazing sight.
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They don't have control over their own thermostat, and it was soooooooo hot. But the nieces went home with their friends for a few hours, so that makes up for it. And I finally worked out my schedule for the week! Mostly.


Ukraine's president pleaded with the United Nations on Monday to send peacekeeping troops to eastern Ukraine to expel separatist militants from government buildings — a takeover he said is being directed by Russian special operations troops.

Low-wage workers pay the price of nickel-and-diming by employers

Wage theft, which further impoverishes workers with low pay, thrives in labor-intensive industries in which employees are often from other countries and, in many cases, predominantly female.

China Finds Nearly 2,000 Firms in Breach of Anti-pollution Rules

Turkey condemns 'Armenian genocide' resolution in U.S. Senate

Twins’ immune systems look like those of complete strangers

Glow-in-the-dark roads make debut in Netherlands

Every spring, restaurants, churches, and student organizations invite non-Jews to relive the Israelites’ exodus from bondage. How did such an exclusive feast come to have seats for so many different faiths?

Israel destroys aid projects in West Bank to make room for settlements

The Slaughter Bench of History

How war created civilization over the past 10,000 years—and threatens to destroy it in the next 40.

A long-awaited UN report on how to curb climate change says the world must rapidly move away from carbon-intensive fuels.

Kiev government to deploy troops in Ukraine's east in bid to restore order
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what to do over spring break with the nieces. Thinking furiously, not coming up with enough!

We saw Muppets Take Manhattan yesterday, clearly the best muppet movie. Evangeline's reactions were both hilarious and slightly worrying. She, uh, didn't recognize Miss Piggie for several scenes while Piggie is in spy clothes stalking Kermit.
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And Chakotay is in a coma. Which raises two questions: was his tribe ever actually specified, and do his vaguely defined beliefs align in any way with any actual Native American beliefs? And, bonus question, why is he the only human allowed to have religion in the Federation? Yeah, I know, because Roddenberry was a lot less influential once he was dead, but other humans tend to have a knee-jerk repugnance towards the idea of continuing human religious beliefs, so... yeah. Is there any in-universe explanation? (Maybe there are lots more religious people, but they don't show up much? You know, this presents a far more interesting picture of the Federation than the officially approved one. Yes, some of you have pointed this out already. I remember.)

Bonus question: after Voyager goes home, do they ever put the doctor's armband into mass production? And if so, do they pass some out at that one planet in the Gamma Quadrant with the entirely holographic village? I'm sure those people would appreciate it.
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NASA has been given the go-ahead to begin building spacecraft, flight instruments, and launch support facilities that will conduct the world’s first U.S. mission to collect samples from an asteroid in 2018.

Ukraine prepares armed response as city seized by pro-Russia forces

The Science Of Lab-Grown Organs: Vaginas, Noses Now Possible

NSA said to have been using Heartbleed for years

The Dutch government is facing an unusual crisis: Prison undercrowding.

There are now more guards and other prison staff than there are prisoners in the Netherlands for the first time, according to data released by the Justice Ministry on Friday.

They'll never catch up with the US that way!

Social Security, Treasury target taxpayers for their parents’ decades-old debts

The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now

In dermatographia, a person's skin becomes flushed and swollen when touched. One woman is leading a community based on the beauty of it, turning inflammation into creative solidarity.

This is the biggest swarm of genetically modified mosquitoes ever set free


And good for her! I'm a little weirded out that several of the comments say just that, I don't like agreeing with Internet comments.

Tamiflu: Millions wasted on flu drug, claims major report

NATO's top military commander in Europe, drafting countermoves to the Russian military threat against Ukraine, said Wednesday they could include deployment of American troops to alliance member states in Eastern Europe now feeling at risk.

Coney Island's iconic Cyclone roller coaster adds 950 feet of newly laid wooden tracks which will boost speed on two major drops
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The library's policy towards children is roughly "if they can behave, they can be unsupervised" (but wordier), and after it closes I'm going to meet with the nieces and go get pizza, which gives me a few hours... unsupervised. I just don't know what I'm going to do with the free time!
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But then it turned out she was duped (or so she claims, and I'm not digging too deeply), so I decided to celebrate by watching some Voyager after putting the nieces to bed last night while Jenn worked late.

A few things I am remembering about that show:

1. It's not the best Trek, however, it is actually possible that Janeway is the best captain. Patrick Stewart is great, don't get me wrong, but I always thought Picard was too thinky. What Janeway lacks in brains and badass, she makes up for in sheer attitude. It must be all the coffee.

2. Paris really is an idiot. In one episode he is baffled that they got stuck in an event horizon because they accidentally responded to their own hails from their future selves being stuck in the event horizon. Janeway laughs and patiently explains that one of the weirder aspects of life is that sometimes the effect can precede the cause. The VERY NEXT EPISODE they kill a planet with their own rescue attempt after they get stranded in the past, right before the planet dies and they go to find out what happened. Once again, Paris gets a puzzled look and asks how it can be possible that the effect preceded the cause.

It's not possible, Tom, just go with it. You're an idiot.

3. The best part of this show, coming back vaguely through the mists of the past, is watching to identify the "exotic" fruits and vegetables hanging out in the galley. Not sure how they got pomegranates and plantains just a few weeks after they started up their hydroponics bay, and I lol'd a bit to see that apparently, when the first episodes were filmed, Swiss chard was unusual enough that the Ocampas could believably grow it.
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So Jenn arranged for Deniz to tutor her once a week. Apparently, last week they got bored with 5th grade math, so Deniz worked on her with HER homework... 8th grade math homework. Which Ana breezed right through.

This is so her, by the way. It's not even surprising, just mildly aggravating.


There are 10 times more mentally ill Americans in prisons and jails than in state psychiatric hospitals, a report published Tuesday found — adding that those individuals’ conditions often deteriorate while they are incarcerated.

Just in time for Mayor Bill de Blasio's speech touting his first 100 days in office, the City Council plans to introduce a bill this week to allow municipal identification cards, multiple sources told Capital.

The CIW’s Campaign For Fair Food has been very successful at improving conditions in Florida's tomato fields. Even Wal-mart has signed on, agreeing to pay an extra penny per pound. But some large corporate buyers continue to refuse to cooperate, including Wendy’s, Publix, and Kroger.

Snowden to NSA: Go ahead, deny I tried to raise the alarm legally

Speaking to Vanity Fair, the whistle-blower says that before leaking secret documents, he contacted people within the spy agency about its surveillance practices -- and that email records will prove it.

Without funds to pay fines, minor incidents can mean jail time

Not only is this not constitutional, it's not smart. Jailing people costs money, and while they're in jail they aren't earning money to pay their fines, nor yet their taxes. The only people who profit from this travesty are the prisons.

No evidence of forgery in ancient text mentioning ‘Jesus’s wife’

New tests show no evidence of forgery in ancient papyrus

How ‘colorblind’ education reform policies actually ignore racial inequality

When baby animals must be rescued from their own mothers

Saudi considers lifting ban on girls sports

Conservative country mulls allowing girls to play sports in state schools after consultative council's recommendation.

Apparently, people used to stick frogs in milk to keep it fresh.

After Florida cut down on protections for children in troubled homes, deaths soared. The children died in ways cruel, outlandish, predictable and preventable.

Hand Soap Ingredient Can Up Body Bacteria Burden

Residues of the antimicrobial agent triclosan can paradoxically boost bacterial growth in our bodies, by giving microbes a comfortable biofilm in which to rest.
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The cat, that is. We've seen Ana, I think. I'm not concerned so much as annoyed.


As New York City was transformed by real estate and finance interests in the 1990s, a group of squatters on the Lower East Side waged battle for affordable housing.

The less Americans know about Ukraine’s location, the more they want U.S. to intervene

So, what else is new?

The independent bookstore lives!

Four paralysed men move their legs again after electric spinal cord stimulation

Duke University researchers and other scientists are making strides in growing muscle in the lab that not only repairs itself but exhibits strength similar to that of normal muscle.

You know, all this scientific living-in-the-future progress is going to come to naught when climate change triggers the zombie apocalypse (with or without zombies) and we all die. Just saying.

Beef prices hit all-time high in U.S.
Extreme weather has thinned the nation's cattle herds, roiling the beef supply chain from rancher to restaurant.

A New York judge Tuesday vacated the conviction of a man who spent nearly a quarter of a century behind bars for a Brooklyn slaying that occurred while he was vacationing in Florida.

Judge says prosecutors should follow the law. Prosecutors revolt.
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Which would be great if we weren't trying to avoid unsupervised interactions between him and the others. Poor Callie is a nervous wreck, and Mama Cat is super grumpy. I need to put a sign up on either side of the back door.
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We are lucky the house didn't catch fire.


Conflict between endangered predators and cattle-owning Masai significantly helped by project using African myrrh trees

Responding to escalating unrest in their country, hundreds of Jews have been fleeing Ukraine since the start of year and heading to Israel.

Weird bright light on Mars

What If Everything You Knew About Poverty Was Wrong?

OkCupid's CEO Donated to an Anti-Gay Campaign Once, Too

Wait, what?

The Supreme Court declined Monday to decide if a New Mexico wedding photographer was within her rights when she refused to work at a same-sex ceremony.

The eight Staten Island Ferry boats that carry 60 million people every year are ill-designed, poorly maintained safety hazards, a ferry captain has revealed

A Recovering US Is Outpacing Other Major Economies

Most immigrants deported under Obama had thin or no criminal record.

It's not clever or helpful to say "well, they were here illegally!!!", and yet, people always do. Why do people do that? It's like they think that somehow contributes to the discussion.

NYPD and FDNY brawl at a charity hockey game. I just... Ugh.

Scientists Invented An Injectable Oxygen Particle That Lets You Survive Without Breathing

The right-wing is getting riled up about food stamps, again. Sean Hannity even dedicated an entire hour to the food stamp program last week, with predictable messaging about how it is exploding and a scourge on the country. While the purpose of this manufactured outrage is to get rid of or dramatically shrink the food stamp program, I think a better move is to go in the opposite direction and just give everyone food stamps.

Only 28 percent of Fox News climate segments are accurate

That high?

Surviving the post-employment economy

States try to block cities’ transit plans

I'm reposting this for the following comment:

"In the mid-1990s, I was a high school teacher in East Flatbush, in Brooklyn, NY. My students were all minorities and low income.

I taught a humanities class. We would do a section on art history. I would give extra credit if they would visit the Met, and look at some of the art that we had discussed. I would tell the students that the entry fee is suggested, and they are allowed to pay just one penny to enter.

Some would go every year, and invariably, they would report being made to feel like second class citizens because they didnt pay the full amount. In three or four years, I must have had 50 students who reported being made to feel low by the ticket sellers at the Met. Never once did one report that the Met was happy to have a low income minority visitor, if anything they reported being followed by security after being called out on the ticket purchase line.

From my own personal experience, the Met does not want certain residents of the city to visit the museum."

In that same time period, I was also a high schooler and also went to the Met and the Natural History Museum using "suggested donation", and by and large the cashiers joked with me about it. I want to believe that these kids were taking entirely the wrong end of the stick, or that I was simply oblivious, but I suspect that both they and I were getting exactly the right impression of people's reactions to us. That thought does not make me a happy Connie.

The woman who lost a dog and gained 200 sloths
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Evangeline had math to do, she told me. Now, I know she has a history of claiming she has no writing and then not doing the writing she really had all the time, so I try not to fall for it...

Me: and your writing!
Eva: I don't have any writing.
Me: Then you have to do some writing of your own choice.
Eva: Oh! Yeah, I have to write a poem. I forgot.

*some time later*

Eva: I'm done with my homework! Here, you can check my math.
Me: Let me see your poem.
Eva: ...why?
Me: Because I want to make sure it is done.
Eva: ... Okay, hold on.

*another ten minutes*

Eva: Here is my poem! Let me read it to you!
Me: It, uh, would be faster for me to read it myself.
Eva: I want to read it! *recites poem*
Me: Great! Let me just see it.
Eva: Whoops, I lost the page.
Me: *flipflipflip* It's not in here.
Eva: You're so mean! I wrote it! I wrote it!
Me: Well, write it again!
Eva: UGH!!!

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It'll have to wait a week. The downside to this is that he will have to be introduced to my cats and then reintroduced after he recovers. Fun times!


An open letter to Charles Koch

Confusing Math Homework? Don’t Blame the Common Core

Health insurance isn’t a year-round thing anymore

Mormon women, seeking wider role, denied entrance to all-male priesthood meeting

Marine Park woman receives letters after 45 years

Star Birth Sparked at the Galaxy's Edge

A U.S. Navy warship was headed Saturday to rescue a 1-year-old girl who fell ill on a crippled sailboat that was attempting to circle the world.

Climate change is uncertain, which is why the best way to understand how warming will change the world is through the language of risk

Virginia ballpark proposal stirs slave-trade memories

Concerned about the threat of major mudslides in Oso, Washington, officials considered buying out property owners. But homebuilding was allowed to continue, raising questions of liability.

Today, in the political discourse of the west, it is almost unthinkably hard to ask a very simple question: why should we work?

Scientists Home In On Earth-Sized Exoplanet

Peak phosphorus will be a shortage we can’t stomach

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Equality: How the Far Right Co-Opted American Populism

Scientifically Illiterate Congressmen Are Resigning the World to Ruin

Medieval Poop Found: Still Stinks

Countries With Less Religious Diversity Have More Faith-Based Violence
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Over at a park near me, they're having the mobile ASPCA clinic today. Usually getting there half an hour early is sufficient, but I wasn't able to get there half an hour early because the carrier needed the door replaced first, and then when I got there I saw they were utterly swamped. They only have room for the first 25, and I was number 23 on the sign-up sheet... but of course, some of the people ahead of me had more than one pet.

So now I have a few options. I can print out a voucher that a local vet will accept and get this cat altered for $45. Pros: I can do that on my own time. Cons: bus travel, plus it's more costly.

I can go tomorrow to 14th street to the mobile clinic there. Pros: get it done tomorrow! Cons: I would have to leave the house at 4:30 in the morning. And take a bus. And a boat. And a train. And another bus. And then do it again to get home.

I can wait a week and go to another mobile clinic on the Island. Pros: I could sleep in and not leave until 5:30, yay! Cons: bus travel, and waiting a week.

I can wait until they come back to the park near me. Pros: I can walk there. Cons: that's at least another month, possibly longer.
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This woke up the young cat, Tommy, causing him to start mrowing for love and attention. This woke up everybody else, including Mama Cat, who started mrowing for us to get rid of the intruder. Tommy was ultimately shut in the bathroom, alone, with a pillow that smelled strongly of him and one of the nice humans who gave him three cans of cat food yesterday. All alone, with the smell of other cats all around, and one such cat clearly disliking him, he peed on the pillow.

Well, yeah. So Ana, sobbing, put him out for the day. All the drama was completely unnecessary. In this house he has plenty of doting attention (it was easy to smuggle him in yesterday because he was absolutely exhausted from all the snuggling) and people keep plying him with food. Cats aren't that stupid, they know a food thing when they see one.

I think Ana might even have fed him again just this morning, on the porch.


Ukraine detains 12 riot police on suspicion of 'mass murder'

Palm oil fuels Indonesia deforestation

Indonesia is the world's top palm oil producer, but that has led to land grabs and violence against indigenous people.


Nigeria GDP rebase on Sunday likely to make it Africa's No. 1

NASA Suspends Some Ties With Russia Over Ukraine Crisis

Pakistan: Nine-month-old boy accused of planning murder

Ugandan police raided the offices of a United States-funded project known to offer AIDS services to homosexuals, a government spokesman said Friday, in what appeared to be the first public action by police to enforce a new law that strengthened criminal penalties against gay sex.

Germany opens hearings on U.S. spying

No, A Super Volcano Is Not About To Erupt In Yellowstone

Two AP journalists shot in Afghanistan, one fatally, ahead of elections

Anti-Syrian hostility in Lebanon spawns social media backlash

Bobby Jindal Will Take Away Your Insurance, and He’ll Enjoy Doing It

McDonald's 'temporarily closes' Crimea restaurants

Mozilla Co-Founder Brendan Eich Resigns as CEO, Leaves Foundation Board

I'm... actually uncomfortable with this.

Yes, I think anti-gay views are pretty abhorrent, and spending money to promote them is just as bad. And yes, if he has the right to spend his money to promote his views (and he does), the rest of us have the right to spend our money or not in support of our views.

But that doesn't mean I am happy with people having to "voluntarily" resign because of their beliefs. Even if our beliefs are the better ones, which of course I believe they are.

Graham cracker manufacturer Honey Maid recently ran a commercial titled "This is Wholesome" that depicted many kinds of families, including gay and racially mixed. Said commercial evidently sparked the ire of social conservatives and prompted at least one letter writing campaign denouncing it. As sweet as the original commercial was, Honey Maid's response was just beautiful.

The Way You’re Born Can Mess With the Microbes You Need to Survive


We Took A 2,428-Mile Road Trip Along The Mexico Border: Here's What We Saw

Lots of clicking and pictures, it took me 7.5 minutes to finish. I know, because they told me so.

How the secret police tracked my childhood

Fighting the system used to be dangerous anywhere in Eastern Europe. For one protester from a small Romanian village it was disastrous - and also for his family, whose every word was recorded by the secret police. Carmen Bugan, who found the transcript of her childhood, tells their story.

As the article mentions, the transcripts write down every word of, among other things, family fights. Some of the transcribers would even take sides, leaving notes in the margins.

45-Year-Old Subway Surfer Dies Riding Atop 6 Train, NYPD Says

Hummingbird Evolution Is Booming
The successful, 22 million-year-old group could double in its number of species before leveling off

Climate Deniers Intimidate Journal into Retracting Paper that Finds They Believe Conspiracy Theories

Not news, but nifty: HabitRPG

"A free habit building app that treats your life like a game."

Warren: Supreme Court clearly hadn't read the newspaper as they struck down campaign contribution limits

Even though voters gave Washington's mayor the boot over money, the court insisted that more money will benefit the system of American democracy.

White House: ‘Cuban Twitter’ not a covert program

A new Pew survey out today provides yet another illustration of the failure of America's drug war. By a nearly five-to-one margin, Americans agree that alcohol is worse for you than marijuana. However you slice the data up demographically, majorities say the same thing.

Inequality Kills


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