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First, their information on their open houses runs: We encourage you to come see us on Governors Island. On your visit, you will (standard stuff, blah blah blah). You will also get to ride a ferry.

(In fact, we will get to ride two ferries.)

Secondly, I went to sign up for an open house and... well... I guess it's not completely ridiculous that they ask for our address. And it sorta makes sense that they include "country" in that. But given that it's a New York City public school, why the hell put United States of America all the way under U? If you don't live in the US, you're not eligible to attend! Why should I have to scroll down, down, down for this?

I'm just saying, it doesn't show good judgment on the part of their web design.
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They must have been pretty bad, though - my sister talked about "looking into the abyss" and Ana ranted about it with a friend via text for quite a while.

Kiiiiinda glad I opted out to play Sudoku, actually.
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(She was a bit of a surprise guest.)

We were discussing the election (again) which segued into how no, we can't just "build a wall" and what Mexico finally said to that... which turned into a conversation on the Mexican-American War and since we were already discussing how the President can send troops wherever, I asked a general question - "Exactly how many wars have we been in since WWII?"

Ana guessed "All of them?" and her friend, stuck on the spot, dithered a bit while my mother hinted at her with things like "So, do you know a word that rhymes with hero?" before finally guessing - "None of them?"

Hah, trick question, they're both right. On the one hand, Congress hasn't declared any wars, and on the other hand, I sure can't think of any wars we haven't been involved in! Maybe there have been some, but really, if America isn't involved, is it really a war? (Given the number of people - including my mom, who really ought to know better! - who state that Pearl Harbor is "when WWII began" I'm thinking the answer might actually be no.)

I made sure to point out that we've been at war* for their entire lives, and they did their best to act duly impressed by this fact.

* Except not
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God, the rules make it sound interminable, but it's not that hard and it's actually pretty fun. (And I won, so yay!)

Eva is super enthused about our board games right now. I was thinking when I was at the drugstore today, I'm pretty sure that girl has actually never played a game of Monopoly. We had an English travel Monopoly once I got at the thrift store, but it turned out it was missing all its houses and hotels so we never played it.

And you'll never hear me say that our games aren't generally better than Monopoly, but if the girls have friends over it might be nice to be able to play a game those friends are already familiar with rather than having to explain the rules from scratch every time. We have Parcheesi (as we're a 5 person family I keep planning to get a custom-made 6 or 8 person board, so we can have all of us and a guest), and we have Scrabble, and we have Clue Master Detective (more rooms, weapons, and people than standard Clue) but that's about it. (Oh, and we have Uno, I suppose, and Jenga if I find all the blocks. And a chess/checkers set. And cards, and dominoes. And Yahtzee.)

Now that I type it all out, lol, it looks like we have a lot of standard games! So maybe I shouldn't worry so much after all! (But I'm still wondering if somehow the girls are missing an essential part of American life by not playing Monopoly.)
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I've ripped out the relevant pages from our high school book, and my plan is to get in, get out. I'm going to stop at all high schools on our list which are "limited unscreened" and sign in - that gives Ana priority in admissions for those schools. If they're not there I'll make a note to go to their open house. I'm going to stop at all the ones which are "screened" (they give admissions to the highest grades and state test scores who apply) and "ed. opt." (half the admissions are by random lottery, the other half are chosen from a bell curve of grades and test scores so they have some at each grade level) and ask what their policy is for homeschooled students who, perforce, don't have grades and opted out of the statewide tests. If they can't rattle off their policy, or if they're not there I'll make a note and call them.

And then we'll leave!

So I'm browsing the list of schools which have signed up to appear at the high school fair and I'm amused to see that there is a high school in the Bronx called "HERO High". That's "Health, Education, and Research Occupations", but still. (The Bronx is way too far away to go to school, so I didn't even look at that section.)
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Coffee-infused foam removes lead from contaminated water

Health benefits of evening classes revealed

Some Mexico City residents see future in rain harvesting

How to Shop for the Revolutionary War

Inside The Violent, Geeky World Of Hardcore International Medieval Combat

We Know What Color Dinosaurs Were

Before Beijing: A Rare View of China's Last Dynasty (Photos)

New fabric uses sun and wind to power devices

What Happens When Architectural Designer Tries Baking Desserts

Pigeon flock members can 'overrule' incompetent leaders

Women of the CIA: The Hidden History of American Spycraft

The Commune in Ethiopia Where Feminism is the Law

Maybe you don’t need to burp your baby

77% of Ad Blocking Users Feel Guilty about Blocking Ads

Sanctuaries across US prepare for influx of lab chimpanzees

Gun inequality: US study charts rise of hardcore super owners

Russian toddler survives three days lost in Siberian wilderness

Unusual Suspects: Finding the Humanity in Vintage Mugshots

Do these genes make me lonely? Study finds loneliness is a heritable trait

Chainsaws in hand, some de-horn rhinos to stop poaching

Skeleton of teenage girl confirms cannibalism at Jamestown colony

Forced evictions leave Roma children vulnerable in France, say campaigners

NYPD can’t count cash they’ve seized because it would crash computers (And I bet with all that cash, they're saving up to buy the Brooklyn Bridge.)

How Washington Blew Its Best Chance to Fix Immigration

'Traumatized every day': prison sexual abuse survivor jailed again – as a witness

The Origins of the Phrase 'Black-on-Black Crime'

Charlotte protests continue as family views video of shooting

Inspired by the U.S., West Africans Wield Smartphones to Fight Police Abuse

Aren’t more white people than black people killed by police? Yes, but no.

Trump praises 'stop-and-frisk' police tactic (Well, of course he does. Jerk.)

Nearly 6 Million People Will Be Barred From Voting in November

He sexually abused her as a child. She became a police officer and hunted him down.

Islamic State and the crisis in Iraq and Syria in maps
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Between a rock and a hard place: Biologists unearth sandstone-excavating bees

The Screw Heads That Tried, But Failed, to Topple Phillips

Bird brain? Pigeons have quite a way with words

Birds choose spring neighbors based on winter 'friendships'

FDA okays 1st muscular dystrophy drug; awaits proof it works

Archaeologists Find Ancient Pot With Traces of 3,000-Year-Old Burnt Cheese

America's first wave-produced power goes online in Hawaii

Math study shows our brains are far more adaptable than we know

American Hippopotamus

Take That, Instagram: The Enduring Allure of Vintage Snapshots

A Caiman Wearing a Crown of Butterflies

From He to She in First Grade

A nose by any other name would sound the same

They're cowboys - and they're coming straight outta Compton

Miss America 1968: When civil rights and feminist activists converged on Atlantic City

In Zimbabwe, comedy thrives as country slowly falls apart

The Catkeeper of Aleppo

A Former Janitor Collects And Photographs The Items Seized From Immigrants And Thrown Away By U.S. Customs And Border Patrol

Banks focus more on new accounts _ and the fees they bring More

Our best shot at cooling the planet might be right under our feet

Climate change 'significant and direct' threat to U.S. military: reports

Poll: Americans favor slightly higher bills to fight warming

The Trouble With Double Jeopardy

Why Prisoners Across the Country Have Gone on Strike

California turns to civilians as inmate firefighters dwindle

Some 10 million children in the U.S. have parents who have been incarcerated. These innocent youngsters, studies show, face long odds of success in life. But slowly, efforts to help them are growing.

Pro-painkiller echo chamber shaped policy amid drug epidemic

Detroit civil rights lawsuit attempts to assert a constitutional right to literacy

In Connecticut, a Wealth Gap Divides Neighboring Schools

The strange history and ugly core of Donald Trump Jr.'s Skittles tweet, explained

My teen boys are blind to rape culture

'Children's cafeterias' combat poverty, neglect in Japan

The Secret History of Colombia’s Paramilitaries and the U.S. War on Drugs
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Good god, that was a lot of work.
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For first time, individual atoms seen keeping away from each other or bunching up as pairs

See If Your Kid Is Going to Sleep at the Right Time Based on This Viral Bedtime Chart

Look for the Dots!

Complex materials can self-organize into circuits, may form basis for multifunction chips

Poll shows most Europeans sympathize with Syrian refugees, 'have not lost their hearts'

England’s Forgotten Muslim History

Enrollments surge at historically black colleges amid rise in racial tensions

Pipeline protest site a city unto itself with school, meals

'Let's go' - Lost generation of refugee children gear up for school in Greece

The Irish Orphan Abduction

For ants, 'elite' individuals are not always so effective

Why polyamorous people fear ‘coming out’

Apocalypse Meow: How a Cult That Believes Cats Are Divine Beings Ended Up in Tennessee

Employers turn to workers to help slow health cost growth

Water protests in tech hub expose urban India's growing pains

The Bush administration thought an elective war would make America safer. Then Katrina hit. The untold story of the Iraq war’s toll on New Orleans.

Too sensitive? Sex toy maker sued over collection of intimate data

How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat

Conditions in many older county jails are grim, dangerous

Jails, prisons still trying to meet federal anti-rape rules

Japan confronts disability stigma after silence over murder victims' names

Cast-Out Police Officers Are Often Hired in Other Cities

DNA Dragnet: In Some Cities, Police Go From Stop-and-Frisk to Stop-and-Spit

The man who cleans up blood after murders
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I brushed Callie's teeth, and when we were done she neither ran away nor bolted under my bed. She's not yet as sanguine about it as she is about nail trimming and combing, and we had a lot of head turning during the process, but we've definitely made progress! Good girl, Callie!


The Green, Brown, and Beautiful Story of Compost

Tower of Light: When Electricity Was New, People Used It to Mimic the Moon

Flowers critical link to bacteria transmission in wild bees

Fewer orders, more coaching: Army rookies learn to fire guns

5 Annoying Latin Errors from an Ancient List That Predicted Latin's Descendants

Sound-proof metamaterial inspired by spider webs

The Mail-Order Brides of Jamestown, Virginia

Alternative Courtship: Matrimonial Advertisements in the 19th Century

Stunning Videos of Evolution in Action

The Demand for Lego Is so High That Their Factories Are Strained, So They’re Expanding

A Less Lonely Way to Lose Your Faith

Mexican politicos hit back at Donald Trump, hint at repealing treaty granting California to U.S.

An Effective but Exhausting Alternative to High-School Suspensions

Enrollments surge at historically black colleges amid rise in racial tensions

How to Raise a Genius: Lessons from a 45-Year Study of Supersmart Children

These guys were so fucking injured by a teenage girl’s awesomeness that they literally threw a hissyfit and hung up a sign that said “NO GIRLS.”

Non! Nein! No! A Country That Wouldn’t Let Women Vote Till 1971

American schools have a chronic absentee problem

What To Do In An Earthquake – Good Advice!

The Uncomfortable Truth About Children's Books

The Plight of the Overworked Nonprofit Employee

Nike boasts of empowering women around the world while the young women who make its products in Vietnam are intimidated, belittled, and underpaid.

White House considers ending for-profit immigrant detainee centers, but critics say it could add billions to the cost

They grew up as American citizens, then learned that they weren’t

Black Lives Matter is right: Climate change is race related

When there's only one public defender in town

Sex Ed Without the Sex

When Detectives Dismiss Rape Reports Before Investigating Them

This is a map of underground sex-slave bars in the U.S.

Obama's Hawaii marine conservation area is just a drop in the ocean

The Oceans Can’t Protect Us Anymore—Here’s Why

10 new wars that could be unleashed as a result of the one against ISIS
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It's not 9/11 that is the problem, it's all the damn human interest stories about 9/11. I'm a human. I'm not all that interested. Living through it once was enough, and I was safely on Staten Island.

But you can't convince the media. Ugh, if it's this bad now, it's going to be positively hellacious in ten years. (But I'm hoping that by then it'll be like Pearl Harbor or the General Slocum and we'll hardly ever hear about it ever again.)

I just keep reminding myself it was worse the first few years after. You could hardly turn on the TV without catching a retrospective.


400 acres donated to Yosemite National Park

Busting Cactus Smugglers in the American West

Why the Purple Skittle Tastes Different Outside America (Yeah, but I don't like black currants any more than I like Concord grapes. Blech.)

Unwieldy LEGO Sculptures Reveal a Multitude of Hidden Shadow Designs

Electron beam microscope directly writes nanoscale features in liquid with metal ink

The 1866 Chicago Sextuplets Hidden From the World

For immigrants in US, a soccer world cup of their own

In 1981, Clowns Allegedly Appeared Across Boston, Similar to Current Clown Panic

The Triumph of Kodakery: The Camera Maker May Die, But the Culture It Created Survives (From 2012)

Amazing ‘Nesting Doll’ Fossil Reveals Bug in Lizard in Snake

The game is up: Shakespeare's language not as original as dictionaries think

In New York City, every 4-year-old has access to free early education — even those whose families make up the 1 percent.

Deep in the Swamps, Archaeologists Are Finding How Fugitive Slaves Kept Their Freedom

Air pollution a risk factor for diabetes, say researchers

Hanjin Shipping gets U.S. court order, cash to unload ships

I Spent 5 Years With Some of Trump's Biggest Fans. Here's What They Won't Tell You.

The Obama Administration Temporarily Blocks the Dakota Access Pipeline

Rights group: Refugee children still in Greek police cells

Peace but extreme poverty in isolated region of Afghanistan

Judge's Football Team Loses, Juvenile Sentences Go Up

Rising Uighur militancy changes security landscape for China

‘Superbug’ scourge spreads as U.S. fails to track rising human toll

Water supplies in Syria deteriorating fast due to conflict, experts warn
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I hadn't realized how much I needed a new prescription, but now I'm walking around going "Wow, I can see that!"

Well, when I'm not going "Ugh, how far away is the floor?"
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Me: Lalala
Dishes: Whee! We love this water park!
Mama Cat: I hear water! I'm going to stand by my water bowl and mrowp at you in an aggrieved way.
Me: Lalala!
Mama Cat: Wait, I forgot something! My manners! I shall twine around your legs and THEN you'll give me water!
Me: What? No, your bowl is full.
Mama Cat: ME. OW.
Me: Oh, wait, I guess not.
Water Bowl: I'm not saying anything clever here, because bowls can't really talk!
Cat: *sniffsniffsniff* This water is subpar. I shall drink out of this human cup on the counter. Lemme just cram my little face in there....

I don't understand my cat sometimes. (Or her water bowl. He thinks he's so funny, but he's not.)
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Big bad modifier order

Hundreds of genes seen sparking to life two days after death

This playground encourages kids to use tools, get dirty, and let their imaginations run wild (Can confirm: kids love it)

What Killed the Jingle?

'Gambling' wolves take more risks than dogs

40 Colorful Kodachrome Photos Of 1940s NYC

One of the Most Important Crosswords in New York Times History

The revolution that could change the way your child is taught

South Florida's Seminole Cowboys: Cattle Is 'In Our DNA'

Crop domestication is a balancing act: Some ants are still trying to get it right

Bizarre ant colony discovered in an abandoned Polish nuclear weapons bunker

Neighbor churches, split on race lines, work to heal divide

This Undertaker Buries the Bodies Nobody Else Will Touch

Marvel, Jack Kirby, and the Comic-Book Artist’s Plight

The Harry Potter universe still can't translate its gay subtext to text. It's a problem.

The stunning geographic divide in American creativity (Interesting map, but I wish they'd show it county-by-county instead of state-by-state.)

Monkeys in zoos have human gut bacteria

Inside North America’s Only Legal Safe Injection Facility

Kaepernick didn’t bring politics into sports. The NFL did that by playing the anthem. Also: DoD paid $53 million of taxpayers' money to pro sports for military tributes, report says

How algorithms rule our working lives

FDA bans antibacterial soaps; “No scientific evidence” they’re safe, effective

A new crisis in the Muslim world: Is it too young?

Jewish avengers unapologetic for targeting Nazis after WWII

This small Indiana county sends more people to prison than San Francisco and Durham, N.C., combined. Why?

U.S. investigating potential covert Russian plan to disrupt November elections

Elizabeth Smart Is Standing Up for Rape Victims—And Tearing Down Purity Culture

Lenny Pozner used to believe in conspiracy theories. Until his son’s death became one.

Pollution particles 'get into brain'

Welcome to demokrasi: how Erdoğan got more popular than ever

I’ve Become a Racist’: Migrant Wave Unleashes Danish Tensions Over Identity

Abandoned in Iraq: Inside Two Soldiers' Harrowing Escape

Millions at risk from rising water pollution: UN
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and they still won't be here until Friday. That ain't so express! (Plus, I was right, I did need a new prescription. I WANT MY NEW GLASSES ALREADY.)


NYC garbage dump world's largest landfill-to-park project

Sabercats Kept the World Green

When 'The Talk' Is In Sign Language, There Is Clarity And Confusion

Why mole rats are more flexible than we previously thought

This temple at Cholula dwarfs the Great Pyramid at Giza, yet it went unnoticed by Spanish invaders. Why?

Tilting At Wind Turbines

Tasmanian Devils May Be Rapidly Evolving To Resist A Deadly Cancer

Gricean Maxims videos

Georgetown to give slave descendants priority for admission

How General Patton and Some Unlikely Allies Saved the Prized Lipizzaner Stallions

Poll: Support for Black Lives Matter grows among white youth

The Secret Furry Patrons Keeping Indie Artists Afloat

In drought, drones help California farmers save every drop

Seaweed farming, a sudden slimy success, needs greener rules: U.N.

Hanjin bankruptcy: S Korea throws lifeline to shipping firm

This means raw: extreme dieting and the battle among fruitarians

Inside the Misunderstood World of Adult Breastfeeding

Inside NYC's Social Club For The Formerly Devout

Growing grapes, saving lives in Cleveland's tough east side

Crime Survivors Are Organizing. They Want Criminal Justice Reform, Too.

Why Aren’t U.S. Police Departments Recruiting More Women?

Indian-Americans clash with cowboy town over proposed center

Should we teach teens about BDSM in sex ed? (I actually know two different people who say they didn't learn about consent at all until they learned about kink.)

On Social Media, As In Life, White People Are Way Less Likely To Talk About Race

Most Depressed Adults in the U.S. Remain Untreated

Wounds from childhood bullying may persist into college years, study finds

India's angry Dalits rise against age-old caste prejudices

A Brief History of the College Textbook Pricing Racket

Canadian surgeons urge people to throw out bristle BBQ brushes: 'None of us have figured out a surefire way to get rid of them,' says Dr. Ian Dempsey (I'm convinced!)

Climate change 'tug of war' keeps scientists guessing on storm tracks

Long Nights With Little Sleep for Homeless Families Seeking Shelter

Too Rich to Be Poor, Too Poor to Get By

Justice Department lawyers investigating police agencies for claims of racial discrimination and excessive force are increasingly turning up a different problem: officers' interactions with the mentally ill.

Interactive map shows where animals will move under climate change

Israel Quietly Legalizes Pirate Outposts in the West Bank

Cluster bombs kill more than 400 people in 2015, over a third of them children

Turkish tanks cross into Syria in 'new phase' against IS
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This is probably in no small part because I ate nothing but doughnuts, zeppoles, and funnel cake yesterday.
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Run up to Harlem to pick up a friend for Eva's sleepover, run down to the boat to pick up Ana and her friend, run back up to Union Square to watch Kubo and the Two Strings - and the only thing I knew about that movie going in was it was made by the guys who made The Boxtrolls, which was quite enough for me to happily plunk down $74 for the privilege of watching it on the big screen with four kids. (Money well spent, btw.)

Go home, sleep, wake up early and run an errand, go to store, get food, wake all girls and head to diner for breakfast. (They ordered more food than a family of ten could eat, but somehow they practically licked the plates clean.) Pick up another friend, go to Coney Island. Stay at Coney Island four full hours, fielding increasingly "I'm so casual" texts about when various children would be returned. Return children to respective parents - this required a trip up to 34th before all Staten Islanders could go home. Fall into bed.

Wake up. Go to post-chemo shot with Nanen. Eat out. Take long route home. Be friendly with Jenn.

And now I'm supposed to go to the Richmond County Fair, and every year I'm less excited about this than everybody else is. Bah.
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She took a nap in her room, and when she woke up I asked "where are your glasses?" and we couldn't find them. We cleared out her entire room - no luck. We cleared out the living room, her mom's room, the bathroom, the kitchen - nothing.

Today I found her lost glasses in the basement.

She never even *goes* in the basement!


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