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Especially when you set it to forte, of course :) Bartolomeo Cristofori is, of course, the man who invented the piano. (And I totally knew that before today, guys! Really and truly!)
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Joy. I think she stayed up too late (I went down to pee at about 5am and found her light on), but she says she was woken by a headache already in the wee hours of the morning, so who knows?

Poor sweetie.


States Are Required to Educate Students Behind Bars, but Here's What Really Happens

The painful price of aging in prison

Senegal will send 2,100 troops to Saudi Arabia as part of an international coalition combating Houthi rebels in neighbouring Yemen

Hundreds protest against Qaeda control of Yemen city

Ceramic Jellyfish And Squid Plant Holders Are Awesome

5 Reasons 'Traditional Marriage' Would Shock Your Ancestors

Freed Nigerian women tell of how Boko Haram killed men and boys

One Disease Hits Mostly People of Color. One Mostly Whites. Which One Gets Billions In Funding?

This giant whale evolved nerves that stretch like bungee cords

Analysis: Syria's al-Assad regime in trouble

Syria crisis: Spooked by rebel gains, Jordan doubles down vs. Islamic State

You’re Worrying About the Wrong Bees

NATO starts anti submarine exercise in North Sea as tension with Russia rise

Upswing in fighting in Ukraine sends civilians fleeing and puts truce in doubt

'Nobody here is asking to leave Ukraine': Minorities see Russian meddling

Hundreds of migrants rescued and 10 dead in sea off Libya

Israeli Ethiopian protest against racism turns violent

Report: Israeli soldiers instructed to shoot civilians in Gaza

Merkel defends German intelligence cooperation with NSA

Taliban 'welcome' peace efforts after Qatar talks, even as new attacks kill 17 in Afghanistan

Three protesters have been killed in Burundi's capital, Bujumbura, the Red Cross says, as demonstrations against President Pierre Nkuruziza's re-election bid enter a second week.

Glowing Wounds at the Battle of Shiloh: The Strange Facts Behind the Legend of the Angel’s Glow

In Russia, early African American migrants found the good life

Want an Abortion This Year? Get Ready to Wait

Here’s how rare it is for police officers to get charged in a death

Drones, Cops, and the Unaccountable Machinery of Death

6 Reasons Why The Cops Keep Killing People (Besides Racism)

Whites don't see institutional racism

In Baltimore and other cities, police have used 'rough rides' as payback in the past

As investigation enters fifth month, Tamir Rice’s mother has moved into a homeless shelter

US Supreme Court upholds ban on gay conversion therapy for children

Global Warming May Spread Lyme Disease
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You know, I like those birds just fine by daylight.


Rocket attack kills 3 at Benghazi medical center in Libya

Graveyard overcrowding stokes cremation debate in Greece

Sharp decrease of sexual assault in military, study finds

Hundreds of families trapped by fighting in Yemen's Aden

Yemeni Houthis call on U.N. to end Saudi strikes: statement

Heavy clashes in Aden airport, alliance accused of cluster bomb use

The mules targeted by armed forces

Volcanoes may have helped asteroid kill dinosaurs

Build Your Vocabulary, 'Ass Baton' Edition

A stunning visualization of our divided Congress

New exoplanet too big for its stars

Pope defends soon-to-be saint vs Native American objections

Venezuela to nationalize food distribution

Nepal Earthquake Death Toll Passes 7,000

Wildlife decline may lead to 'empty landscape'

Separatist rebels attack army in northern Malian town

Silver turns bacteria into deadly zombies

What Happened to ISIS's Leader?

Rage grows in C.Africa over French troops in 'child rape' scandal

This Is How Fast America Changes Its Mind

Thousands dodge Ukraine army in fight with rebels

In Kazakhstan, fears of becoming the next Ukraine

Some 1,400 Migrants Saved By Italy, France In Sea Off Libya

Burundi calls opposition protesters 'terrorists'

Burundi military says it will remain neutral amid protests

Curfew continues in Baltimore; arrests made

Accused officers have wide range of experience

Why Marilyn Mosby's Comments on Freddie Gray Matter

May Flowers Bring Leaf Showers
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The Police Are Killing One Group at a Staggering Rate, and Nobody Is Talking About It

Man who smashed police car faces higher bail than cop who allegedly murdered Freddie Gray

Lungs age faster for babies born prematurely

Science Needs a New Ritual. We should take a few days a year to reflect on the dark parts of our history.

Aspen’s Smuggler Mountain is full of dog poop and it stinks

Invisible data janitors mop up top websites behind the scenes

How This Beetle Creates 500 Explosions Per Second In Its Bum

Syria: How a new rebel unity is making headway against the regime

CIA-Backed Rebels Fight Alongside al-Qaeda Wing in Syria

Isis leader incapacitated with suspected spinal injuries after air strike

Death toll from U.S.-led strike rises to 52 civilians in Syria

Islamic State: Militants 'kill 300 Yazidi captives'

Coffee catastrophe beckons as climate change threatens arabica plant

What’s the greenest megacity? Hint: Not NYC

HSBC Advises Clients Against Fossil Fuel Investment

Thai police find graves of suspected trafficking victims

Australians rally against Aboriginal community closures

Smart Plankton-Like Particles Could Swim Upstream In The Human Body

The box jellyfish has a deadly venom. It also has 24 eyes and sleeps

6 Sexist, Racist, and Generally Messed Up Things We Hope The New Star Wars Films Get Right This Time

St. Louis burning: America’s atomic legacy haunts city

3D Heart Simulation Predicts How Drugs Will Affect Your Heartbeat

Pit Bull Spreads Largest U.S. Outbreak of Pneumonic Plague in 90 Years

US, Canada unveil rules to boost oil train safety

Navy escorts U.S. cargo ships near Iran

UN warns of imminent Yemen infrastructure collapse

Researchers finding applications for tough spinel ceramic. Gosh, it's transparent aluminum.

Children use time words like "seconds" and "hours" long before they know what they mean

The GOP Is Trying to Give the 25 Richest Americans a $334 Billion Tax Break
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They do this fairly frequently, and there are no bets as to how long this pair of dolls will last.

They then proceeded to spend the rest of the day making textbooks for their dolls. It was adorable. Seriously, seriously adorable.


Turkey's Alevis 'under the shadow of military tanks'

Turkish police fire tear gas, water cannon at May Day protesters

Arizona lawmakers tell cities they can't ban plastic bags

Tiny Hairs on Bats' Wings Are Key to Their Maneuverability

1 in 4 U.S. Renters Use Half of Income to Pay for Housing. Average hourly wages have risen 2.1 percent, while rental prices have increased 3.7 percent in the past 12 months.

Government Releases Massive Trove of Data on Doctors’ Prescribing Patterns

The mouse walked, the mouse stopped; the mouse ignored a bowl of food, then scampered back and gobbled it up, and it was all controlled by neuroscientists, researchers reported on Thursday.

Rural hospitals struggle to stay open, adapt to changes

18 mothers suspect babies they were told died at St. Louis hospital are actually alive

How a Filipino maid skirted death moments before facing an Indonesian firing squad

Malaysia's invisible children

Boko Haram: Nigerian army frees another 234 women and children

Niger governor orders islands evacuated after Boko Haram attacks

The Onion Is Not a Joke

Teeth from ancient Indus city belonged to ‘outsiders’

Disease outbreak threatens Nepal's earthquake survivors

AP Poll: Americans approve of drone strikes on terrorists

N.D. legislator who voted against gay rights bill caught sending pics on Grindr

Cave-Climbing Catfish Discovered In Ecuador

Cuba's medical magicians

Rikers Island meatloaf that left 19 inmates sick did have rat poison, lab tests confirm

The first Air Force One is wasting away in the Arizona desert

The Questions People Asked Advice Columnists in the 1690s

It’s Official: Rubella Has Been Eradicated From the Americas

These Chemicals in Pizza Boxes and Carpeting Last Forever

Kobani still a ghost town, months after liberation from IS

Transgender teen Leelah Alcorn’s death ruled a suicide — mother threw away handwritten note

Ethiopian Israelis decry alleged police racism

Family of Homeless Man Killed in L.A. Police Shooting Files $20 Million Claim

ISIS-Linked Fighters Tighten Grip in Afghanistan, Outmatch Taliban Brutality

Arrests rise in Burundi protests; protesters vow to remain

6 officers charged in the death of Freddy Gray

Fox News gone wild: The ludicrous stories about how Freddie Gray injured himself

New ACLU Cellphone App Automatically Preserves Video of Police Encounters

Few Conservatives Take Police Abuses Seriously

How Western media would cover Baltimore if it happened elsewhere

Baltimore public defender speaks out against brutal holding cell conditions: “Using bread as pillows”
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If you think it's an affront to be asked to keep a consistent story for two comments in a row, tell it in a medium where nobody can prove your bullshit. Seriously, all I have to do is scroll up to see you're changing your tale.


Russia may be readying for new Ukraine offensive: NATO commander

Nigerian soldiers rescue 150 more women and girls from Boko Haram

Evaluating NASA’s Futuristic EM Drive

Libya's Benghazi, cradle of anti-Gaddafi revolt, torn by chaos that followed

Freddie Gray’s life a study in the sad effects of lead paint on poor blacks

The Dominant White Response to Baltimore Shows Why Black Residents are Justified in their Anger

Cutting Through Police Propaganda in Baltimore

A Friendly Reminder That It's Legal To Film The Police

Freddie Gray died after head 'slammed into bolt in back of police van', say reports

The long, painful and repetitive history of how Baltimore became Baltimore

It's crucial to see non-violence as a tactic, not a philosophy. If it fails to win people over it's a futile tactic

Freddie Gray, the drug war, and the decline of “real policing.”

11 Stunning Images Highlight the Double Standard of Reactions to Riots Like Baltimore

Mali peacemaking in danger after rebel attack near Timbuktu: U.N.

The future looks a lot hotter and wetter, says science

Traditional marriage gets a SCOTUS smackdown: The incomprehensible right-wing logic that’s poised to go down in flames

House Gives $334 Billion Tax Break to 25 Richest Americans

The Entire History of the World—Really, All of It—Distilled Into a Single Gorgeous Chart

Nepal earthquake death toll exceeds 6,000 with thousands unaccounted for

Global warming to push 1 in 13 species to extinction: study

Yemen crisis: Saudi Arabia 'repels Houthi border attack'

The United States and other countries will be welcome to use civilian facilities China is building in the South China Sea for search and rescue and weather forecasting "when conditions are right", China's navy chief has told a senior U.S. officer.

China, Russia to hold first joint Mediterranean naval drills in May

Activists Report Another Chemical Weapons Attack By Regime Forces In Syria
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Whenever I have allergies, it's just my right eye that waters unless it's REALLY bad. Why not both of them? Is there a way to fix this, because it's super annoying.


Ukraine's rebels mete out rough justice in authority vacuum

Tired of waiting for aid, angry Nepalis block roads

Millennials Want to Send Troops to Fight ISIS, Poll Finds

The babies saved by 3-D printing are now healthy, adorable toddlers

Nasa unveils shape-changing bird-like plane wing

Heavy fighting in Yemen, Saudi Arabia trains tribal fighters

This is how we can talk about diversity: Race, college and a real path forward

The state still controls women's bodies. Especially brown and black ones

After Baltimore riots, some leaders slam 'thug' as the new n-word

Jon Stewart on Baltimore and the police brutality lottery

Poll: Almost half of millennials don't think the U.S. justice system is fair

Prisoner in van said Freddie Gray was ‘trying to injure himself,’ document says. Bullshit, I say.

Powerful video interview of Crips and Bloods disputing claims of the Baltimore police

Most countries not protecting antibiotics, says WHO

Migrant crisis: In divided Libya, few resources to stem the flow

Drug dealer: Cops leaned me over 18th floor balcony to get my password

Chibok girls not among group rescued by Nigerian army

The First Superfood

Vandals Built a Brick Wall in the Door of This German Train

Justice Scalia’s Shameful Joke

Justice Ginsburg Eviscerates The Case Against Marriage Equality In Just Five Sentences

'It's problematic': inventor of US lethal injection reveals death penalty doubts

Elephants Really Never Forget

Mali peace deal threatened as army and rebels clash

Japan considering joint U.S. air patrols in South China Sea

Pope calls gender wage gap 'pure scandal.' But does he practice what he preaches?

France outcry over Muslim schoolgirl's skirt ban

Who created Caitlin Snow on #TheFlash? According to @DCComics, nobody

France's poisoned legacy in the Central African Republic

France investigates allegation of child abuse by its troops in Central Africa

Buy $180 The PancakeBot Will PRINT Your Pancakes For Breakfast, In Any Shape You Can Draw

“I asked, ‘Why are you here?’ He said ‘pot.’ Later I saw him and asked, ‘What did you get?’ He said he got a $150 fine. And for selling maple syrup, I have a $424,000 fine. There is something wrong with this picture.”

The Recession Isn't Over For Many Families

Syria accuses Turkey of 'direct aggression' alongside militants

Childhood bullying: Worse long-term mental health than maltreatment by adult

Happy Endings and Overcoming Autism
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Look at the cute little day old kittens with their cute little kittenness! Siiiiiiigh. Now I want cute little kittens of my own again.
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Some of us want to sleep!
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Entrepreneurs Hatch Hen-Rental Idea for Fans of Fresh Eggs

NFL gives up tax exempt status

Lake Michigan is So Clear Right Now its Shipwrecks Are Visible From the Air

UN: More than 300,000 driven from homes in Yemen's conflict

The Indian plate: A decade of earthquakes

Israel Evacuates Surrogate Babies From Nepal But Leaves the Mothers Behind

Nepal earthquake: Death toll passes 4,700 as rescuers face challenges

Why Nepal Wasn’t Ready for the Earthquake

How riding your bike can land you in trouble with the cops in Tampa — if you're black

To the Media, 'Black' Is Too Often Shorthand for 'Poor'

Eyewitnesses: The Baltimore Riots Didn't Start the Way You Think

The New York Times Goes to Baltimore, Finds Only Police Worth Talking To

When nonviolence begins halfway through the war with the aggressor calling time out, it exposes itself as a ruse.

Life on the dunes needs wind-blown sand

Protesters clash with police for third day in Burundi

Here's What Donuts Look Like All Around The World

Ethiopia ponders stiffer penalties for human smuggling

Texas Sends Poor Teens To Adult Jail For Skipping School

Why humans left their African homeland 80,000 years ago to colonize the world. Am I the only one who is uncomfortable with that sort of phrasing? If "humans came 'out of Africa'", then doesn't that sorta imply that whoever was left in Africa wasn't... well, I don't need to fill in the racist blanks here.

Somali Refugees Fear Being Thrown Out of Kenya

A Mammoth Mitten

Some extremely simple animals may have got rid of their brains because they simply had no need for one. And this could have been key to their success

Five Disturbing Things You Didn’t Know About Forensic “Science”

Blood on the tracks: The short life and mysterious death of Deion Fludd
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I strongly hope this is related to my period starting early and NOT related to, say, the pollen count. One of those two things will pass *very quickly*.


A U.N. inquiry has found that at least 44 Palestinians were killed and at least 227 injured by direct mortar strikes and other "Israeli actions" while sheltering at U.N. locations during last year's Gaza war. The independent board of inquiry also said that Palestinian militant groups hid weapons at three empty U.N. schools in Gaza and that in two cases Palestinian militants "probably" fired from the schools.

Divided Supreme Court wrestles with gay marriage case

This Optical Illusion Tricks You Into Thinking That Typeface Letters Are the Same Height

Siberia's resurgent shamanism

Five charged in Mexico City with enslaving woman at dry-cleaning shop

This protein lets ‘threads’ build memories

Quacking duck ringtone helps firefighter rescue ducklings

Set to begin, U.S. plan for Syrian rebels already mired in doubt

Syria relaxes passport rules, letting refugees and draft dodgers apply

Megacities Might Not Save the Planet After All

Baltimore riots: Troops deployed as cleanup begins

When Sex Ed Discusses Gender Inequality, Sex Gets Safer

U.S., Japan unveil new defense guidelines for global Japanese role

Humanitarian situation in Yemen 'catastrophic' – Red Cross

The Locksmith Who Picked Two “Unbeatable” Locks and Ended the Era of “Perfect Security”

Researchers are working on a patch that can vaccinate wearers against measles

Starbucks breakdown shows how registers have evolved

Pentagon officials say the US is monitoring the seizure by Iran of a Marshall Islands-flagged cargo ship.

Inside Sudan’s War-Torn Darfur

Climate change, food shortages, and conflict in Mali

Scarce Skills, Not Scarce Jobs

How does the Constitution protect innocent people who are stuck in jail?
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The other day, Ana commented that I looked "sinister" standing in the alley with my hands behind my back waiting for the girls to get back from the corner store. I said that this is because I am sinister, but of course, then I had to explain the joke. Well, any chance to squeeze some more etymology into their day!


The shocking cost of stingy pay in America

Who actually makes the minimum wage in America today

Nepal earthquake: Death toll passes 1,000

Giant cosmic tsunami wakes up comatose galaxies

Why I fled: New migrants in Italy share their stories

U.S. restarts refugee program for Iraqis

The corrosive cult of compliance in our schools

Thoughts Can Fuel Some Deadly Brain Cancers

India Stays World’s Top Beef Exporter Despite New Bans on Slaughtering Cows

Islamic State strengthens ties with Boko Haram

Poetry is going extinct, government data show

U.N. invites Syrian parties to Geneva peace talks in May (but not ISIS or al-Nusra)

ISIS loses control of key bridge to Iraq forces

Bark Beetles Are Decimating Our Forests. That Might Actually Be a Good Thing.

Cuba has had a lung cancer vaccine for years

Report: Income Inequality Most Apparent During Fifth-Grade Classmate’s Birthday Party

None of the 19,000 homes in Gaza destroyed during last summer’s war with Israel has been rebuilt.

Parting the brown sea: Sewage crisis threatens Gaza's access to water

Yes! Researchers have created glasses-free 3D holograms using graphene

Baltimore protest after death in custody turns violent

When mom serves herself as dinner

“Music was better back then”: When do we stop keeping up with popular music?

Woman misdiagnosed with cerebral palsy gets cure after 33 years

Mitochondria editing tried in mice
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A Drone Program That Has Killed Hundreds Of Civilians Finally Killed Some That The White House Regrets

Religious freedom laws suffer another blow — in public opinion

This 'Harry Potter' fan theory might explain why the Dursleys were the worst

Search for Ancient Teotihuacan King's Tomb Takes Mercurial Twist

War games off UK coast not response to Russia, says NATO

Destroying chemical weapons 100 years later in the US

Navy Makes Armor Clear As Clay Well, transparent clay, that they made armor out of

Armenia marks centennial of massacre of 1.5M by Turks

Why Turkey won't say the G-word when it comes to the Armenians

It wasn’t just the Armenians: The other 20th century massacres we ignore

Bill to ban fining Californians who let lawns go brown in drought

California’s Drought Grabs Headlines, But Other States Face Water Woes Too

Mexican girl forcibly sent to US returns home

These Animals Might Go Extinct Because No One Wants To Eat Them

115 children killed since start of Saudi-led Yemen offensive

More fighting, air strikes in Yemen, civilian death toll exceeds 550

Iranian ships turn away from Yemen

Yemen’s refugees pose a threat to Somalia

Yemeni refugees fleeing Saudi air strikes find peace but little else in Somaliland

Night train kills 14 migrants 'sleeping' on Macedonia tracks

Health Officials Worry as HIV Cases in Indiana Grow

Genome study reveals lonely end for the world's woolly mammoths

7 Lost American Slang Words

Forget CSI: Real-Life Crime Labs Are a Total Mess

Fears of New Offensive as Putin ‘Ramps up Pressure’ on Ukraine

Pentagon dismisses Moscow claim of U.S. troops in Ukraine combat zone

Nigeria military says still in Boko Haram stronghold despite mines

Study: Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism Even In High-Risk Kids (source: The Onion)

A Greek exit from the euro may soon become inevitable
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Cardiff University scientists discover asthma's root cause

Police union throws a self-pity party in Baltimore: Freddie Gray protesters are a “lynch mob”

10 Years Before Freddie Gray, Baltimore Police ‘Accidentally’ Snapped a Perp’s Spine

Bees may become addicted to nicotine-like pesticides, study finds

GM, Ford, And Others Want to Make Working on Your Own Car Illegal

Child malaria vaccine: Final trials bring hope

Sen. Warren to Those Promising TPP Would Be So Great: 'Prove It.'

The American Dream is a myth, says Nobel-prize winner

Two huge magma chambers spied beneath Yellowstone National Park

Mediterranean migrants crisis: EU triples funding

Mixed Signals: Why People Misunderstand Each Other

Chinese scientists just admitted to tweaking the genes of human embryos for the first time in history

Human Rights Watch demands intervention as year-long kidnapping of herders continues in Central African Republic

Blind users with service animals: Uber refuses to serve us

It's Time to Invest in the United States Rail System

It's Not the 1 Percent Controlling Politics. It's the 0.01 Percent. About 125 Americans* control more than 40 percent of election contributions.

US admits two hostages killed in al-Qaeda raid in January

U.S. Strike that Killed Hostages Could Change Drone Policies

9 basic concepts Americans fail to grasp

Dallas Mildenhall used obscure science to crack cases all over the world. Then a murder took place in his own backyard.

Sophisticated tools may have spelled doom for Neandertals

Washington State Is So Screwed
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"I hate review! I already did this, why do I need to review it?"

She then needed me to prompt her for each question. When I pointed this out, she went "Not the first one!"

I glanced at the first one. "A mile is 5,280 feet long. Estimate how many inches in a mile, then calculate the correct answer."

She had written 10 and 12. "Yeah, Connie, there's 12 inches in a... oh."

This, sweetie, is why we review.

(I tried pointing that out to her, but she and her sister just tackled me. Geez.)


Congress Just Launched Its First Strike Against Women and LGBT People Under the Guise of Defending Religious Liberty.

Blue Bell: We haven't laid off anyone in 100 years and we won't do it now

Syrian Kurds see Islamic State threat to city in northeast

Rebels launch new offensive in northwestern Syria

Iraqi forces fight to rout Islamic State militants from Ramadi

Focusing on privilege diverts attention away from the real villains.

The surprising reason why Arctic warming could be worse than previously thought

Earth Day: scientists say 75% of known fossil fuel reserves must stay in ground

Amid Saudi Arabia's airstrikes in Yemen, Houthis call for peace talks

Saudi-led coalition bombs Yemen despite calling off air campaign

Teens Who Get The HPV Vaccine Do Not Have Riskier Sex

Homeless Millennials Are Transforming Hobo Culture

Why Rich People Think They’re Middle Class

What is it like to be poor at an Ivy League school?

The world’s languages, in 7 maps and charts. When you lump together all 'dialects' of Chinese as one language, of course you get a large number of native speakers! China's a freaking big country!

3D-printed aerogels improve energy storage

Edward Snowden Unpopular at Home, A Hero Abroad, Poll Finds

South Africa Deploys Its Army to Halt the Killings of Foreigners

Hidden cameras reveal airport workers stealing from luggage

Boko Haram crisis: Nigeria begins Sambisa ground offensive

Millions of Ukrainian Children at Risk From New Epidemics
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Many U.S. schools still resist challenging all their students

U.S. tightens airport worker screeening after gun smuggling arrest

China's Xi Jinping agrees $46bn superhighway to Pakistan

How Snobbery Helped Take The Spice Out Of European Cooking

Tylenol Dulls Your Emotional Pain, Too

Blue Bell now recalling all products

Six cops suspended in death of Freddie Gray

We're not seeing more police shootings, just more news coverage

California drought causes cattle and elk to lock horns over pasture

EU to launch military operations against migrant-smugglers in Libya

Turning Ethiopia's desert green

Eating Insects Isn’t as Eco-Friendly As People Say

Money and education both needed to give toilet use a big boost

New Roadkill Map Finds California 'Ring of Death'

Siberia's tug of war over Lake Baikal's water

Norway Becoming First Country To Eliminate FM Radio

Hundreds leave South Africa after anti-immigrant violence

Most Americans Think Medical Marijuana Shouldn’t Be Used By Or In Front Of Kids, Poll Says

Adidas to use marine plastic waste in products from 2016

For baboons, there’s more to love than just big butts

A Missouri Police Force Had the Worst Response When the City Elected a Black Female Mayor

Oldest fossils controversy resolved

First infant MRI study finds babies feel pain 'like adults'

Report reveals spike in killings of environmentalists

Foodies embrace 3D-printed cuisine

Saudi Arabia ends Yemen air campaign

We Can’t Let John Deere Destroy the Very Idea of Ownership

U.N. Security Council demands aid access for Syria's Yarmouk camp
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I really appreciate it, and here's a link to the thread if anybody is interested.


‘Release cards’ turn inmates and their families into profit stream

These charts show why corn is king

Greek far-right Golden Dawn leaders go on trial

Rapid Rise in Super PACs Dominated by Single Donors

Astronaut snaps epic 'Star Trek' selfie in space

Russia's Lavrov says fighting in east Ukraine abating

US paratroopers begin training Ukraine national guard units

Researchers discover our body’s internal clock is controlled by intensity and color of sunlight

More Migrants Saved From Drowning as E.U. Tries to Act

US warship heads to Yemeni waters; could block Iran weapons

Yemen crisis: Deadly air strike on Sanaa arms depot

Glass frog's organs are visible through its belly

Is America beginning to accept atheists?

Iraqi Kurdish forces widen buffer around oil-rich city of Kirkuk

Iraq's Assyrians battle ISIS for survival

Syrians in Armenia: Not just another refugee story

True to Their Name, Vampire Squid May Have Long Lives

Our crazy farm subsidies, explained

There's a Place That's Nearly Perfect for Growing Food. It's Not California.

20 Years After the Oklahoma City Bombing...

The Town That Creep Built

Wild chimps look both ways before crossing roads

How lasers could be the future of space cleanup

Rich people don't create jobs; giving them tax cuts just makes them richer. Jobs are created in response to demand by the consumers -- who aren't the rich.

Citizen scientists sift soil for new antibiotics

35 Countries Where the U.S. Has Supported Fascists, Drug Lords and Terrorists

Astronomers discover largest known structure in the universe is a big hole

Myths of the American Revolution

An immigration detention facility tries a new method for curbing sexual assault: Make the women dress differently.

Everything I thought I knew about water in California is wrong

How Corporate America Invented Christian America
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What IS the cost of adding audio description to a movie or TV show (that is, of hiring somebody to do the audio description), and what other costs might there be to Netflix adding it to its programs? Because there are the predictable people talking about the financial burden, but I can't very well say it's not that burdensome if I don't have a good idea of the total costs. Every reference I can find points to the cost on movie theaters, but that's not relevant to the question at all.
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So this is part two?


FBI overstated forensic hair matches in nearly all trials before 2000

As U.S. gay-marriage battle looms, attorneys fight over fees

Senator: Decade-old Gulf oil leak is 'unacceptable'

Architect Presents Obama With Generic Options For War Memorial That Could Work For Syria, Libya, Yemen

US civilians and veterans leave home for Isis fight with help from social media

IS issuing photo IDs in Syria's Raqa: monitor, activists

Syria conflict: Fighting for a future for Yarmouk

Syria's Minorities: Caught Between Sword Of ISIS And Wrath of Assad

Empty out Boston; starve Moscow, and you may understand some of Syria's hell Syria by the numbers

Forget Steak and Seafood: Here’s How Welfare Recipients Actually Spend Their Money

How a Massive Environmental Crisis Led to the Invention of Cheese

Ukraine crisis: Rebel leader warns truce 'could fail'

Kiev lists Russian military units allegedly in Ukraine

Ukrainian nationalist group says it was behind the deaths of 2 public figures in Kiev

A federal judge in Las Vegas has ruled that FBI agents went too far when they shut off Internet service to a Las Vegas hotel room last summer, then posed as repairmen so they could get a peek into the room without a search warrant.

The Arctic is ‘unraveling’ due to climate change, and the consequences will be global

Victorian baby teeth could help predict future health of children today

A New History Argues the Civil War Continued for Years After Appomattox

US generals: Saudi intervention in Yemen ‘a bad idea’

Yemen crisis: Saudi Arabia pledges $274m to meet UN call for aid

Former president defiant as humanitarian toll mounts in Yemen war

Yemen Militia Says It Is Besieging Rebels at Strategic Base

Navy has seven combat ships around Yemen as Saudi-led blockade continues

Bacteria bonanza found in remote Amazon village. Genes for antibiotic resistance among those found in most-diverse human microbiome.

NYC bars the use of credit checks in hiring

Nutritional Science Isn’t Very Scientific

World's mountain of electrical waste reaches new peak of 42m tonnes

When veterans return, their children also deal with the invisible wounds of war

New Evidence Suggests Middle East Conflict Predates All Human Civilization

Who makes less than $15 per hour? An explainer in 3 charts Turns out it's 42% of all US workers.

Man Goes Exploring with Metal Detector, Finds Roman-Era Grave

40 years later, story of a same-sex marriage in Colo. remains remarkable

South China Sea: China Is Building on the Paracels As Well

Why more kids are eating breakfast in the classroom


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