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Altered State: Border Redraw Moves 19 Homes in the Carolinas

A veteran's race against time to return WWI Purple Hearts

How one woman went from 'unwelcome' cadet to leading Air Force Academy

39 studies about human perception in 30 minutes

An Internet Cable Will Soon Cross the Arctic Circle

It's Official: MTA Adds Second Avenue Subway Line to its Maps (Yeah, all of three stops. It's not nothing, but....)

New Quick and Flexible Circuits Could Open a World of Unique Wearable Electronics

I Sent All My Text Messages in Calligraphy for a Week

A Surprising Look at Crow Family Life

Video of Un-Melting Things

A 2,000-Year History of Alarm Clocks

Finally allowed 2nd child, older Chinese parents turn to IVF

Tribes Create Their Own Food Laws to Stop USDA From Killing Native Food Economies

Over a Century Later, Church Bell Seized During Philippines-US War Returns Home

Could a new smart cam designed for the blind help my dyslexic daughter?

As charters grow, public schools see sharp enrollment drop

Brains Of People With Schizophrenia Attempt Self-Repair: Study

Chicken embryo tests can prevent practice of gassing billions of cockerels

Oregon Militia Leader Furious He Can't Have Guns or Facebook in Jail (LOL. He might have a valid complaint when he says his free worship is being compromised. Given the nature of his other complaints, though, I understand if nobody wants to just take his word for it.)

Researchers Want Robots To Feel Pain In Saddest Experiment Ever

California Rushes To Allow HIV-Infected Organ Transplant

Gay couple attacked? In West Virginia, it's not a hate crime

Why the Very Poor Have Become Poorer

'It's beyond pain': how Mormons are left vulnerable in Utah's opiate crisis

The Philippines has 1.8 million abandoned children. Here's what keeps many from adoption

Mold-Infested Prisons Sicken Guards and Prisoners

After decades of service, some Bedouins aren’t sure about joining the Israeli army

Lots of conflict and war links today, and this is after I filtered some out. Guess it's seasonally appropriate or something? )
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First, everybody barbecues, and while I like the smell of barbecue just fine, my eyes can't handle it. (And I don't like the noise of everybody having a barbecue, all that talking and music, but it's really, really not cool to tell people to shut up at noon on a holiday.)

Second, Memorial Day means Fleet Week, and that means the streets are crowded up with sailors, and I'm not exactly a big fan of extra crowds.

Third, Memorial Day + Fleet Week = airshow, which means sooner or later I'm going to get scared shitless by some planes flying right over the house. Every year, same deal, planes come and I end up in the basement for ten minutes.

Fourth, Memorial Day is the last holiday before the 4th, and would you believe I'm not a huge fan of that either? Fireworks scare my cat.
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Manhattanhenge happening Memorial Day

This Iowa Town's Dirt Might Be More Valuable than Gold

Neighborhoods Can Shape Success—Down to the Level of a City Block

Some states may be making a big mistake about rooftop solar

How one poor Brooklyn preschool is competing with the best

The Colorado Paradox

Earth’s climate may not warm as quickly as expected, suggest new cloud studies

Facebook begins tracking non-users around the internet

There’s a mathematical reason you’re less popular than your friends

Being the Only Woman or Person of Color Applying for a Job Means You Probably Won't Get It

Do white people want merit-based admissions policies? Depends on who their competition is.

This Is What the Future of American Politics Looks Like

The "Waco Horror" still reverberates, 100 years later

The real reason America controls its nukes with ancient floppy disks

Outrage in multi-ethnic Malaysia as government backs Islamic law

A deadly crisis: mapping the spread of America's drug overdose epidemic

Pearson’s Quest to Cover the Planet in Company-Run Schools

Pentagon does about-face on U.S. troops wearing Kurdish militia patches in Syria

Al Qaeda still reaping oil profits in Yemen despite battlefield reverses

A slave in Scotland: ‘I fell into a trap – and I couldn't get out’

Putin vows retaliation over U.S. missile defense system

Australia police use pepper spray as nationalists clash with anti-racism protesters

The man who seduced the 7th Fleet

Donald Trump Tells Drought-stricken California: ‘There Is No Drought’

Libya Is Saving Migrants At Sea Only To Trap Them In Dire Conditions On Land

Council of Europe: Detention of lone minors ‘unacceptable’

Doctors Without Borders Evacuating Key Syrian Hospital Amid ISIS Offensive

ISIS, losing territory in Syria, signals strategic shift

No Justice for Eastern Ukraine's Victims of Torture

Hackers have doxed all the reporters covering east Ukraine’s war. Twice.

New Report Says Shipping Containers Are Being Used As Deadly Prisons in South Sudan
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You know what I can't get over? I can't get over the fact that the people who say "The car needs washed" or "The country needs healed" are almost universally unaware that they're using a very distinct regionalism.

When New Yorkers stand on line, we know the rest of you stand in lines, and when people from Texas say "y'all" they know that's a Southernism, and when you show people the soda/pop map they smile and nod sagely - but when you tell people that nobody else in the US says "needs fixed" they go "Are you sure? How else would you say it? You can't be serious!"

And you know, when people are aware that they're using a dialectical term or construction, they can either embrace it or they can avoid it, depending on the person and the context and the prestige of their dialect - but man, people with "needs done" just get stuck on "Are you positive nobody else says this?" (Yeah, man, I'm positive.)

I have these conversations over the internet, so obviously they have that, and I presume these people all have access to television and books and so on, and they read and many of them are college educated - and yet, somehow, they're always surprised at this revelation.

Honestly, it's charming. I have no idea how nobody with this feature is aware of it until explicitly told, but I think it's great. (And in the process of saying this, inevitably two or three or more commenters end up popping up to go "Wait, wait, are you really sure?" Every time this subject comes up on any corner of the internet - and since it IS so unusual to those of us without that construction, using it pretty much guarantees somebody is going to comment on it - they just fall all over themselves to check if the rest of us are just pulling their collective legs. Which we aren't.)
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Scientists find minivan-sized sponge, world's largest

Schrödinger’s cat just got even weirder (and even more confusing)

The Inevitable, Intergalactic Awkwardness of Time Capsules

Want to Catch ‘Hamilton’? Try the Central Park Softball Fields

There have been five Pope Felixes, only three of whom were actually Pope

Study shows sharks have personalities

Mars Used To Look More White Than Red

Dr Henry Heimlich uses Heimlich manoeuvre for first time, aged 96

Force Awakens Vinyl Soundtrack Has Spinning TIE Fighter, Millennium Falcon Holograms Etched Into The Record

Meet ‘Deadshot Mary,’ a 1930s Undercover Cop Superstar

Why fruit fly sperm are giant

Stop Everything and Check out these Tiny Fairytale Book Sculptures

Study: Brain scans reveal hidden consciousness in patients

Panama Canal Fever Sweeps Globe Again as New Era in Trade Nears

How to Manage a Rising Power—or Two

These Chinese Children Must Scale a 2,600 Ft Cliff To Get To School (Video, mostly)

Babies behind bars: Should moms do time with their newborns?

Anti-fat bias shows up in really little kids

The TSA Is So Bad That Delta Has Had to Install Its Own Ultra-Efficient Security Checkpoints

You’ve Just Been Released From the Largest Detention Center in America. This Is Your Next Stop. (Photojournalism)

As WWII loomed, Britain saved 10,000 child refugees from certain death. Why won’t it do so now?

How cracking down on America's painkiller capital led to a heroin crisis

Beijing Is Angering Its Only Friend In The Disputed South China Sea

Philippine arrests 10 Chinese fishermen in latest sea spat

China to send nuclear-armed submarines into Pacific amid tensions with US

Lebanese citizenship law strips women of identity and property ("They say if you reform the law then all Palestinian men will marry Lebanese women and they will never return to Palestine, thereby taking away the right of Palestinian refugees to return home." Geez, not that shit again! FFS, I'm so sick of that stupid argument.)

Chemicals In Sunscreen Are Harming Coral Reefs, Says New Study

Lost hiker's message: Please call husband when my body is found

Chris Velten disappeared in Africa 13-years-ago—then he sent a Friend Request


In Chicago, less than 1% saw a lawyer after arrest

Baltimore police leader acknowledges flaws exposed by trial

In Venezuela’s housing projects, even loyalists have had enough
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Neanderthals Built Mystery Cave Rings 175,000 Years Ago

The Invention that Tamed America, and the Town Obsessed with It

Internet not much help finding Chechen leader's missing cat

Vegetarianism on the rise in Germany, but schools draw the line at veganism

Why baby turtles work together to dig themselves out of a nest

The simple labeling update that could prevent millions of tons of food from going in the trash

Why the First Cremation in the U.S. Was So Controversial

In changing oceans, cephalopods are booming

There’s no such thing as free will, but we’re better off believing in it anyway.

Reboot: Adidas to make shoes in Germany again – but using robots

Federal prison errors caused at least 150 delayed releases, report says

There’s software used across the country to predict future criminals. And it’s biased against blacks.

A World of Walls

Antibiotics that kill gut bacteria also stop growth of new brain cells

Venezuela leader says U.S. 'dreams' of dividing loyal military

A Severed Head, Two Cops, and the Radical Future of Interrogation

Oil Battles Wind on the Great Plains

Oil company records from 1960s reveal patents to reduce CO2 emissions in cars

Trump accepts climate change when it hits his golf course

The superbug that doctors have been dreading just reached the U.S.

Microplastics in the sea a growing threat to human health, United Nations warns

How Kosovo Was Turned Into Fertile Ground for ISIS

Al-Qaeda affiliates are threatening West Africa’s most peaceful cities

Tony Blair: Britain and US ‘profoundly’ underestimated chaos brought about by toppling of Saddam Hussein. (LOL, ya think?)
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Gestural communication in bonobos and chimpanzees shows turn-taking and clearly distinguishable communication styles

Doc McStuffins S3E11 showcases real world African American female pilot: Bessie Coleman (The quote is correct in stating that Bessie Coleman was the first African American woman to get an international pilot's license, however, it would be equally true and much more accurate for the Bessie Coleman doll to state that she was the first American of any race or gender to accomplish that. And she did it precisely because of race and gender barriers in America, so yeah.)

Use of parasitic wasps to fight ash borer grows to 24 states

How an Ad Campaign Made Lesbians Fall in Love with Subaru

A 5,000-Year-Old Beer Recipe from China Has Just Been Unveiled

Electricity from seawater: New method efficiently produces hydrogen peroxide for fuel cells

For years doctors in the US made little attempt to save the lives of premature babies, but there was one place distressed parents could turn for help - a sideshow on Coney Island.

Robotic grippers based on granular jamming (Video)

Which Rock Star Will Historians of the Future Remember?

What I learned trying to keep up with my 4-year-old daughter at the royal game.

A Gilded Age painter’s springtime New York

Study: Kids have 'and/or' problem despite sophisticated reasoning

In Sweden, an Experiment Turns Shorter Workdays Into Bigger Gains

Smaller cities across US opening high-tech crime centers

She had 9 husbands and 10,000 pieces of glassware

Did Dinosaurs Enjoy the Stars?

Refugees and scholars: Colleges offer war-torn a route to US

I Was Ready to Go to Prison for My Anti-War Beliefs. Then One Man Changed My Life.

Using a Green Light to Bring Crime to a Stop

How Did President Zachary Taylor Actually Die?

Yale's gender neutral bathrooms part of changing climate

Texas immigration facility to house transgender detainees

Now Displaced by New York’s Gentrification: Feral Cats

Bank of America $1.27 billion U.S. mortgage penalty is voided

Louisiana set to expand hate-crimes laws to include police (ARGH.)

She went to a historically black college. So did he. Their sexual assault case was a disaster.

Freddie Gray verdict: US police officers who kill rarely get punished, but they might get rich

Shake-up in Israeli politics prompts 'seeds of fascism' warning

Germany: right-wing violence rose over 40% last year

With eye on South China Sea, China's neighbors weave new security web

Buses and Bulldozers: Refugees are removed from Greek camp
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The Flash finale was a bit of a letdown overall. I mean, it was an adequate ep, but not for a season finale. Read more... )

I'm just saying, it could be better.
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Now the computer tells me that it cannot reset because a required drive partition is missing.

Granted, I have no idea what to do with this information, but still - progress!
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Native Hawaiian Graduates Wearing Nothing but Cultural Pride (Older article, but whatevs.)

Transparent wood made stronger than glass by applying epoxy

Frog and Toad and the Self

Researchers find that Earth may be home to one trillion species

What’s In A Vowel? In Search Of The Disappearing Short-A Rising

How Beer Gave Us Civilization

Old-fashioned breeding techniques are bearing more fruit than genetic engineering in developing hyper-efficient plants.

An 'Added Sugar' Label Is On The Way For Packaged Food

We're Modeling Networks All Wrong

Citizen Brandeis

'This is for Our Families': Children of Striking Verizon Workers Join Picket Line

Portland Public Schools bans material that casts doubt on climate change

US veteran seeks asylum for Iraqi man who saved his life

Can The World's Worst Traffic Problem Be Solved?

Mexico taking steps to counter 'Trump emergency'

Impeachment hearings are latest victory in conservative war on IRS

As Zika cases grow, hospitals prepare to care for pregnant women, babies

Zika virus strain 'imported from the Americas' to Africa

Across Africa, the worst food crisis since 1985 looms for 50 million

Baltimore cop acquitted in Freddie Gray death (Fucking a. I don't know what I expected, but....)

NYC Has Paid Out Nearly Half A Billion Dollars In Police-Related Settlements Since 2009 (Article is two years old, so presumably the total is greater now.)

Shipping's Dirty Secrets

Love’s runaways: the gay Ugandans forced into exile

Libya: The story of the conflict explained

Nation’s largest reservoir drops to lowest level in history

Patriots at the gate: The Americans preparing for battle against their own government
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And told me to reinstall Windows. So I *did*, and I followed all the prompts, but when I was done it reverted back to telling me to reinstall Windows. What gives?
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I frequently tell people that I only do two things righty - pick my nose, and masturbate. This is technically untrue. I also use a righty can opener. (And a righty mouse, but that's because I need more precision to type one handed than I do to mouse.)

However, the evolution of my using a righty can opener with my right hand took literally years. Years of my trying to make it work with my left hand before I finally accepted that this was not a thing that was going to happen. That was followed by another three or four years of my picking up the can opener with my left hand, setting it up, trying to use it lefty, and then going "No, Connie, try the other hand". Every time. For years. 2 - 3 times a week I open a can of tomatoes and a can of tomato paste to make something for dinner. And every time - left hand, try, stop, switch hands, very awkwardly open it righty. (And even now, I can only manage it with a good quality can opener. Crappy ones are a complete no-go.)

I have considered getting a lefty can opener, but in the end decided that the situation is bad enough with the girls using my scissors, I don't want them awkwardly using my can opener as well.

So on last week's episode of The Flash, we were informed that righties on E1 are lefties on E2 and vice versa. This is bullshit for so many reasons, and the villain had to be bluffing, but she "proved" Cisco was right handed by throwing something at him and he caught it in his right hand.

I was pretty surprised when a lot of people reacted with "How does that prove anything? You threw it at his right side, of course he caught it with his right hand!" Is this a thing people do? I mean, I might try to catch something with my right hand if it was coming waaaaaaaay over on the right and I had to lean... but I'd be more likely to just let it drop, to be honest. (I don't tend to catch things.) In the scene shown, if I really felt I had to catch it, I'm pretty sure I'd use both hands. (Gotta test this one out.)

But my handedness is pretty strongly lefty. In the Kinsey scale of handedness, I'm all the way at the far end. (Also, cross-dominance is a thing. It's not at all unusual to use one hand for fine motor tasks and the other for gross motor tasks, or to be flexible with handedness for some things but not others. Nobody seems to know this, but it's the truth, and I wish we could get this into the heads of parents and early-education teachers.)
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Nigerian players dominate Scrabble tournaments with the surprising strategy of playing short words even when longer ones are possible.

There Were Mega-Tsunamis on Mars

Your brain does not process information, retrieve knowledge or store memories. In short: your brain is not a computer

The Delightful Automata of Cabaret Mechanical Theatre

How plants conquered the land

A Secret Tunnel Found in Mexico May Finally Solve the Mysteries of Teotihuacán

Portugal runs for four days straight on renewable energy alone

In the Philippines, faith becomes a driving force against coal

Folding Paper with a Hydraulic Press

Boston's Sidewalks Are Covered In Secret Poems You Can Only See When It Rains

What Sunken Sandwiches Tell Us About the Future of Food Storage

Panda feces study provides insights into microbiome, reproductive troubles

Paris Declares War on 'Ghettoes for the Rich'

Project Earth is leaving beta

New York could become 1st state to ban declawing of cats

Mass reduction of California prison population didn’t cause rise in crime, two studies find

HIV DNA successfully excised from animals

Rescued from child labor, Indian fishermen's daughters ace school exams

A narrow band of green light could improve migraines

A horror in Bruce Wayne's childhood created the Dark Knight. Did a real-life childhood horror create Bruce Wayne?

If an asteroid heads for Earth: Just because you can move the stars in their courses, it doesn’t mean you should

European powers forced artificial borders on more places than the Middle East.

McDonald's fish: Row over sustainability 'cover-up'

Western do-gooders need to resist the allure of 'exotic problems'

The Plan to Avert Our Post-Antibiotic Apocalypse

How Factory Farms Play Chicken With Antibiotics

'I hope he's roasting in hell': Deadliest school massacre remembered 89 years later (I didn't know he'd killed his horse as well. Is it strange that I find that more perplexing than the murder of his wife and those schoolchildren?)

Hepatitis C Is Killing Americans in Record Numbers While Patients Cannot Access Life Saving Medicine

Mercenaries Are the Silent Majority of Obama’s Military

Human traffickers 'using migration crisis' to force more people into slavery

Victims of Boko Haram, and Now Shunned by Their Communities
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Eva's doing her science, Ana is doing Russian Duolingo (her own initiative here) and I pointed out that if Ana wants to work on something on the computer while Eva is doing quiet schoolwork, she has to either put on headphones or go in the other room.

Ana: Oh, headphones don't compat with this computer.

That... is an extremely nifty neologism. I like it!
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And we were discussing the problem of longitude. I said - carelessly, not thinking much of it - that longitude was like the space race of the day. I got a full three sentences in before I realized that that phrase was completely meaningless to the girls. Even once I backtracked and gave them the historical background, it had no emotional resonance whatsoever.

Even by my generation, I guess that was all in the past anyway. The exciting parts, I mean, not the useful weather satellites and cell phones and all. I was not yet three when Challenger exploded. I don't think Jenn even has any memory of that, though I could ask her.

I wonder if "the race to be the first person to Mars" would work better as an analogy? Or maybe "the race to fix global warming" (if I thought we all took that seriously)?
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Superman is Supes, and Spiderman is Spidey, and Captain America is Cap. Okay, so far so good - but does Batman have a fan nickname? Besides "The Goddamn Batman", which, let's face it, is more like a title? I tried googling this crucial issue, but what I got was more a list of modern kennings* than affectionate nicknames.

* Well, if we stretch the definition of kenning a little.
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It's entirely amiable, and we've mostly been talking about the fact that a. all studies on lefthandedness are shit and b. science definitely doesn't have the answer as to why.

I've learned a couple of things, namely that there is apparently a correlation between left-handedness and having twins. Not being a twin, I already knew that, but giving birth to twins.

As you all know, the frequent (and ridiculous) argument against LGBT rights of any sort is "There's no gay gene, so it's not born!" and usually my rejoinder is "Who the hell cares?" because seriously, I don't. (Did you know there's a small, but real, correlation between being lefthanded and being trans? I've got no answer for that other than "neurodiversity works in mysterious ways". Like, none.)

Anyway, this relates. If you do even a cursory review of the material, you rapidly realize that nobody has a clue when it comes to handedness. So next time, instead of "LOL! What a stupid thing to say!" I'll tell the haters "Listen, we still don't have a coherent theory of lefthandedness, and you expect us to have the gay thing figured out?"
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Are we pointing telescopes in the right direction to find alien life?

This dinosaur had a heartbreaking life. Now she’s famous — and an inspiration.

Bilingual babies learn languages faster than monolingual babies

Identify Any Tree in New York City With this Map (ANY tree is stretching it. This map is missing quite a few street trees in my neighborhood, although the ones they include seem to be accurate. Still, nifty!)

Girls And Older Adults Are Missing Out On Parks For Recreation

Ancient Roman Shipwreck Full of Coins and Bronze Statues Discovered Off Israel

Clues to ancient giant asteroid found in Australia

Where teenagers can legally drink in the U.S. (yes, really)

Even Psychologists Respond To Meaningless Rewards

Acorn Woodpeckers Hoard Thousands of Acorns in a Single Tree. That’s not even the weirdest thing about them.

What Car Did The Dad In Calvin & Hobbes Drive?

Sharks’ electricity-sensing organs are even more powerful than we realized

As American As Duct Tape, Brass Knuckles and Cole Slaw

Equation shows that large-scale conspiracies would quickly reveal themselves

Citizen-scientists: Uncle Sam wants you to fight Zika!

Germs could play a role in the development of type 1 diabetes by triggering the body's immune system to destroy the cells that produce insulin, new research suggests.

Is there a sexist data crisis?

A Peek at the Golden Age of Prison Radio

A drive to rethink what incarceration is for

In New Orleans, Criminal Justice Meets Housing Justice

The inside story of Facebook’s biggest setback

The Trucker, His Downfall, and the US Economy

Why There’s an Uproar Over Trying to Increase Funding for Poor Schools

Auschwitz mug reveals jewellery hidden 70 years ago

Skull condition thought extinct is actually widespread, research finds

The TSA is a waste of money that doesn't save lives and might actually cost them

In Search For Cures, Scientists Create Embryos That Are Both Animal And Human

Superbugs will 'kill every three seconds' (Okay, serious subject, but check out their stock image!)

Alerted to Danger, New York City Failed to Curb Harm at Group Homes

The patriot and the correspondent: Acts of friendship in a land caught in-between

Bloodshed blurs Middle East borders set 100 years ago by UK-French pact

As videos expose wrongdoing by South Carolina cops, police agencies tighten control over footage

U.N. urges Greece to stop detaining migrant children

Farms a major source of air pollution, study finds

Polluted dust can impact ocean life thousands of miles away

‘Fundamentally unstable’: Scientists confirm their fears about East Antarctica’s biggest glacier
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Had I realized it was his first day, I probably would not have gone into his line with all my produce, and the guy behind me just had eggs!


Evolution: Where did building blocks of life come from?

How many King Edwards has England had? Why I am irrationally enraged by regnal numbering

A Secret Forest Grew for Millennia in North America Without Anyone Noticing

How do trees go to sleep?

New rule expands overtime pay to millions of salaried workers

Governor who called legalization 'reckless' now says Colorado's pot industry is working

A Wooden Chain Made Without Glue Is an Act of Sorcery

Kullervo: Tolkien's fascination with Finland

Agrihoods take root: a housing trend rooted in agriculture

Meet Tabboush: A Syrian Cat in Greece (This one shouldn't make anybody cry.)

Two colleges where diversity works

As Attention Grows, Transgender Children’s Numbers Are Elusive

Cuckoo mafia: Host birds only tolerate parasitic eggs in their nests when they fear retaliation

The racial divide of the perception of cyclists

Apparently, it was a Japanese-American unit that liberated Dachau. I had no idea!

Much of World Suffers Not From Abuse of Painkillers, but Absence of Them

Defective ‘breast cancer’ genes aren’t just dangerous for women. They’re also linked to aggressive cancer in men.

Report finds segregation in education on the rise

A man’s search for his kidnapped children

Toddler tied to a rock while her parents work (Photojournalism, mostly)

As Many as 4 in 10 Gay Men Have HIV in Some Southern Cities

From belief to outrage: The decline of the middle class reaches the next American town

When immigration status is used as a weapon for domestic abuse

CIA 'mistakenly' destroys copy of 6,700-page US torture report

Militant attacks force Bangladesh's gay community into hiding

For asylum seekers, Dutch prisons feel like home (Pictures here


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