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And so they got these. I hadn't realized those PJs had ears when we ordered them, and I guess the niecelings didn't either, because they were beside themselves when they realized. I think they nearly burst an eardrums squealing about it!

They spent a full 8 hours hopping around in their new jammies and wiggling their noses. OMG, they are such goofballs.


Obama administration designates 2 new marine sanctuaries

Bacteria in the world's oceans produce millions of tonnes of hydrocarbons each year

No Comments Allowed on Reddit’s New News Site ‘Upvoted’

Fish Can Recognize Faces, a Surprisingly Human Skill

Lost 'Epic of Gilgamesh' Verse Depicts Cacophonous Abode of Gods

Crystalized books

End of the world plan: scientists to nudge asteroid off course as practice for protecting the Earth

Medieval Letter-People

Is the chilli pepper friend or foe?

Researchers find a new way to weigh a star

Overachieving Lizard Grows Three Tails

Who Put These Undergrads In Charge Of A Nuclear Reactor?

The least religious generation

Hail to the Pencil Pusher

McDonald's shoots down fears it is planning to replace cashiers with kiosks

A multigenerational hit: Student debt traps parents and kids

Ben Bernanke: More execs should have gone to jail for causing Great Recession

Trans-Pacific free trade deal agreed creating vast partnership (Fucking bullshit.)

Voices of Okinawa: Standing against a US military base

10,000 protest in Moldova over missing $1.5 billion

The Prominence and Plight Of Girls in the Juvenile Justice System

World Bank: Extreme poverty 'to fall below 10%'

Automatic Face Recognition and Surveillance

The Slave-State Origins of Modern Gun Rights
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The book was published in 1969, and probably set around 1962. Charlotte refers to 1918 as "more than 40 years ago" rather than "more than 50 years ago", and the book takes place not long after The Summer Birds, which was published in 1960.

This book is the one that introduced me to the Spanish Flu, for one thing, and also the Monkey Puzzle Tree. I spent years of my life wondering what on earth such a tree might look like. (This book also introduced me to the fact that there are people who are incredibly ignorant of history. Charlotte doesn't know whether the war in 1918 was the first or second world war. For crying out loud, how could she be so ignorant? I had no idea as a child, and I have no idea now. But maybe I shouldn't criticize - I confused the civil rights movement and the civil war for an embarrassingly long time.)

Anyway, I'm mentioning all this because I noticed something interesting in the middle of the book, two sentences:

1. It had a story in it, some bits of other stories, also drawings, rather brown and faded looking now, because done when Arthur was a boy.

2. It was an easy thought, Charlotte decided, because quite impossible.

Did you catch it? I must have read this book easily a dozen times or more, never noticed those sentences until this re-read. Because done. Because quite impossible. Here I thought that was really a very new construction, so what's it doing in a book from the 1960s? Once might be a typo, but twice?


When Schools Overlook Introverts

Scientists say an ancient megatsunami hurled boulders nearly as high as the Eiffel Tower

Historians still puzzling over East Germany after 25 years

Cockroach laying eggs, eggs hatching (video)

The (Real) Story of the White House and the Big Block of Cheese

Anti-Vaxxers Accidentally Fund a Study Showing No Link Between Autism and Vaccines

Beautiful Landscapes Painted on Fallen Leaves

The Amazing Inner Lives of Animals

The Earth-Twin Planet That Nobody Talks About

Amsterdam brothel owners must speak sex workers' language

The Story Of A Soldier And The Squirrel Who Never Leaves His Side

‘Friends’ Has New BFFs: New York Teenagers

Why Do So Many Americans Think They Have Cherokee Blood?

Pompeii: The Ancient Civilization With Perfect Teeth

When Postcards Were the Social Network

Childhood Stress May Prime Pump For Chronic Disease Later

It’s sleazy, it’s totally illegal, and yet it could become the future of retirement

Comcast’s brilliant plan to make you accept data caps: Refuse to admit they’re data caps

Why Science Can’t Say When a Baby’s Life Begins

Congress Still Bans CDC Scientists From Studying Gun Violence

Many school shooters, one common factor: a warped view of masculinity

Milosevic allies in power with new look, 15 years on

The Misery of a Doctor's First Days

Coke Spends Lavishly on Pediatricians and Dietitians


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That is all.


A Linguist Explains the Grammar of Shipping

Better Batteries Through Mushroom Technology

Let There Be Light Bulbs: How Incandescents Became the Icons of Innovation

Why It Was Easier to Be Skinny in the 1980s (Even if you eat the same and exercise the same as an equivalent person back then)

Search for Nefertiti's burial chamber in Tutankhamun tomb

A "news story" on shelter cats

Gorgeous new images of Charon reveal a violent past for Pluto’s moon

Vintage Envelope Art was Awesome

The Rise of Buffy Studies

More on that Singapore Math thing: So what was wrong with American math teaching in the first place? Part two Part three

These freaks of the lightning bug family glow the wrong color, for too long, and it's awesome

We Asked You to Draw Your Own Neighborhood Map: Here Are the Results

Common Worms Could Solve our Global Plastic Crisis

The Joyful, Illiterate Kindergartners of Finland

Scientists Invent a New Steel as Strong as Titanium

Forget the lederhosen. For the younger von Trapps, the sound of the music is indie rock.

These Black Mambas protect African wildlife from poachers

A tumor stole every memory I had. This is what happened when it all came back

America's most notorious coal baron goes on trial this week

Conviction of Things Not Seen: The Uniquely American Myth of Satanic Cults

This is How Anti-Abortion Groups Lie with Statistics

The right’s big abortion lie: The very real ways pro-life politics make women less safe

Prison: America’s Most Vile Export?

Even In Prison, Health Care Often Comes With A Copay

Pakistan's Sharif urges formalised Kashmir truce with India

Abbas says Palestinians no longer bound by pacts with Israel
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"Oh, no! I'm still wearing my cat ears! Now everybody will think I'm weird!"

Me: No, they won't. This is a normal thing for ten year olds to do.
Eva: Yeah, inside the HOUSE! When I'm cosplaying!
Me: Now, saying cosplaying may not be that normal for ten year olds. I think the more usual term might be "dressing up".
Eva: No, that's just the baby word. The real word is cosplay.

She was dead serious about the last part, too.


How Treatment Courts Can Reduce Crime

Felines of New York

Ten (Socio-) Linguistic Axioms

Black Death Bacteria Found on Frozen-in-Time Flea

The Psychology Behind Costco's Free Samples

WHO ramps up HIV drug push with call for early treatment for all

First rabbinical school to allow students with non-Jewish partners

Scientists Discover 'Glowing' Sea Turtle

Congress averts government shutdown, Obama signs funding measure (And he snarks a lot too.)

Shark attacks drone, shark wins

How Tasteless Suburbs Become Beloved Urban Neighborhoods

Cloning Your Dog, For A Mere $100,000

Parents Of Nasal Learners Demand Odor-Based Curriculum

Tiny mitochondria play outsized role in human evolution and disease

The Influx of Latino Students at Historically Black Colleges

The 10 Trials of the Master Bladesmith

New Zealand's new ocean sanctuary will be one of world's largest protected areas

Feds fail to track deadly police pursuits

Elderly prostitutes reveal dark side of South Korea's rapid ascent, many cut off from children

How climate change is making Antarctica royally crabby

Children in the Philippines Risk Their Lives in Underwater Gold Mines, Report Says

Born that way? ‘Scientific’ racism is creeping back into our thinking. Here’s what to watch out for.


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Found my phone! I think I nearly hugged the guy at the Whitehall Terminal lost and found! Today was an awful day for losing my phone, the girls and I were running all around from math club to chorus and girl scouts and all. Tuesdays. Not a fun day. (Math club, "conveniently located" on the Upper West Side! Every time somebody says that on the homeschool mailing list, I wanna scream. How on earth is the Upper anything convenient? Lower Manhattan is convenient to me. Midtown is more or less convenient to everybody. Once you get into nosebleed territory, I don't even know....)


What Every Block of New York City Looked Like 400 Years Ago

Puffs, Flakes and Dollars: Why Your Breakfast Cereal Costs So Much

FOUND: The World's Tiniest Snail More! (It fits in the eye of a needle, in the way that camels don't.)

How to Parent Like a German

Biologists crack centuries-old mystery of how cell growth triggers cell division

Why Some Left-Handed People Are Having Big Problems With the iPhone

Sneaker Wars: Inside the Battle Between Nike and Adidas

Sneak a Peek at the Facebook of 400 Years Ago

Inside the Elite Forces that Guard the Pope

The 5 Scariest Cults in Modern History

Save the Parasites (Seriously)

Is Cultural Appropriation Always Wrong?

Blindsight: The strangest form of consciousness

The Orthodox Hit Squad

Earth-like planets around small stars likely have protective magnetic fields, aiding chance for life

The Rise and Fall of the Cash Railway

How One Man Ran the World's Only Menstruation Museum from His Basement (The Museum of Menstruation is probably the first place I ever heard about menstrual cups....)

Mammal–Carnivorous Plant Mutualism

Don't Panic: Why Technophobes Have Been Getting It Wrong Since Gutenberg

What one college discovered when it stopped accepting SAT/ACT scores

Twitter Behavior Can Predict Users’ Income Level, New Penn Research Shows (This is even more interesting than the title suggests)

China's Xi says to commit 8,000 troops for U.N. peacekeeping force

Judge sides with Planned Parenthood in suit against Utah
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We were goofing off after school today, and the girls remembered we have a thermometer, and decided to ask me to take their temperature. I started with Ana.

Results: 105.3

I glanced at Ana, observed she wasn't currently comatose, and resolved to try again.

Results: 93.4

Uh... third time's the charm?

Results: 97.0

Methinks our thermometer might not be working quite as well as it ought to. For the record, the Kiss of Connie registered Ana as "just fine". I didn't bother measuring Eva's temperature.


The island of colour blindness

Think the floppy disk is dead? Think again!

Glass Portraits Are Sliced Incredibly Like a Loaf of Bread

The Ohio Superstore That Beat Walmart by Giving Up Electricity

What Happens When the 'Moral Majority' Becomes a Minority?

I Gave A Speech About Race To The Publishing Industry And No One Heard Me

A Wild Hippo Still Comes Home to Visit Her Human Parents Who Rescued Her as a Baby

911 caller: Monkey's eating mail out of neighbor's mailbox

Bat species found to have tongue pump to pull in nectar

‘This Goes All the Way to the Queen’: The Puzzle Book that Drove England to Madness

Unusual Allergy: Girl Reacts to Food Only After Exercise

Silica Valley

Boy turns in $8,000 found on slide: When can finders be keepers?

Why slowing down London's subway could make it more efficient

American War Heroes Return Home 7 Decades Later

Distinctive contexts critical to how children learn words, Stanford study reveals

Okay, pretty cool, there's a woman who has picture book artists draw on her arm. Then she has a tattoo done over the drawing!

Company Store Scrip

New York City Bar Association Urges Reduction of Mass Incarceration in Report

Racism Is Real

Germany needs migrants. Do we?

Migration crisis proves boon for some businesses

China pledges $2bn for developing world

Syria's Assad gets new chance, despite military setbacks
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I don't know, if pedantry got me that awesome cape-pose, I wouldn't hate to be that guy either.

And as I'm evidently posting comics today, welcome to Fauxtopia!

How the Body’s Trillions of Clocks Keep Time

Five Supreme Court cases to watch

The War Over Genome Editing Just Got a Lot More Interesting

When science catches up to the pet trade: Geosesarma crabs

The Miracle Sugar Substitute The FDA Won't Let You Have

What Will I Hear When My Ears Stop Working?

Official USDA Food Plans: Cost of Food at Home at Four Levels (That liberal food plan is amazing. How on earth are four people supposed to be spending $300 a week on food alone!?)

What 2,000 Calories Looks Like

Notes Toward a Theory of Hair

Philippines' Forgotten Revolution: General Luna and the Quest for Independence

Everything You Eat, From One Farm

Why There is So Much Sugar in Your Kid’s School Breakfast

When Grasshoppers Go Biblical: Serotonin Causes Locusts to Swarm

The future of language

Aspirin 'may double life expectancy of cancer patients'

What Life Is Like as a Twentysomething Nun

5 Methods The Professionals Use To Avoid Hard Questions

Ban on 'Tag': Are school children getting the right playtime?

The 5 biggest lies you’ve been told about Planned Parenthood

Nepal considers fuel rationing as protesters block trucks

The True Cost of an Expensive Medication

Why It’s So Hard to Fire an Abusive Prison Guard

The Harrowing Conditions of U.S. Immigrant Detention Centers

Hundreds of deported mentally ill immigrants could return to U.S., judge rules

Israel's soaring population: Promised Land running out of room?

Map: The risk of genocide around the world

Four Decades of Herbicide Use Is Creating Zombie Weeds That Just Won't Die

These places banned booze. Now they’re dealing with something far worse
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Also, I heard the news about the referandum. Now that they've voted for independence, is that a thing that will actually happen? Or will it just be talk-talk-talk? (On the subject of talking in Catalan, you might really want to read this article.)


A writer spends forty years looking for his bully. Why? (Hidden almost as an afterthought in this article is a litany of classmates who were severely injured, permanently disfigured, or killed while at this school. And people paid good money for their kids to attend!)

After ruling, Utah removing hundreds of prairie dogs

A Small Boost in Family Income Makes a Big Difference for Kids

The tale of the dog behind the 'kiss of life' discovery

Near the End, It’s Best to Be ‘Friended’

Christian schools in Israel end month-long strike

Black hole is 30 times bigger than expected

The secret lives of horses: Why they’re more like humans than you’d ever imagine

New formula makes liquid flow batteries organic

The Boy Scouts Are No Longer Welcome at This Anti-Gay Jamboree

A Joyously Dorky Guide to America's Energy Infrastructure

Learning to Love to Stutter

You're Just Not That Into Self-Parking Vehicles, Are You?

The Milky Way’s missing mass has been partially found

Poles furious after Russia blames them for starting WWII

Army to issue shoulder patch for ISIL fight

Indigenous Leaders Want Pope Francis To Rescind Bull Justifying Imperialism

Stanford study indicates school meals may expose children to unsafe levels of BPA

The Hajj Stampede: Why Do Crowds Run?

IS shuts playgrounds in east Syria city

A new generation of Kurdish militants takes fight to Turkey's cities

Stop calling Pope Francis progressive: You might love his pastoral style, but don’t fool yourself on Vatican substance

How Global Warming Makes Overcrowded Prisons Even More Dangerous

No, this is the truth about Azerbaijan’s repression

Yazidis urge ICC to open probe into IS atrocities


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right when we would have been able to see some interesting stellar event if it wasn't overcast?

You mark my words, in another 33 years it'll be overcast again. We may even get rain.


The Money Spent Selling Sugar to Americans Is Staggering

Spinning ring on a table found to behave more like a boomerang than a coin

In Bomb-Weary Baghdad, Iraqis Have Fun In The Name Of Peace

China pledges $2bn for developing world

Hubble Telescope Captures Galaxy's Fluffy 'Flocculent Spirals'

Court Tosses Escapee’s $10M Suit It Says Took ‘Chutzpah’

Fish Got Each Other’s Back

Report Says Proposed U.S. Dietary Guidelines Aren’t Backed Up by Relevant Science

How Family Game Night Makes Kids Into Better Students

Study adds to evidence that viruses are alive

Why children as young as three are sent to boarding school in China

China’s Dickensian Boarding Schools

All Ears: Ancient Fossils Reveal Hearing Abilities of Human Ancestors

The Man Who Got No Whammies

God's Condos

Is Hamlet Fat?

In A Turkish Village, A Conversation With Whistles, Not Words

Cities bear rising cost of keeping water safe to drink More

The Good Soldier: Why a Suicidal Officer Had to Go AWOL to Save His Life

The American Dream House Only Worked in Dreams and Commercials

Drought blamers: California conspiracists see government's hand in arid climate

Americans overpaying hugely for cancer drugs

America's companies are hoarding $1.4 trillion in cash

Ukraine's other Russians

Questions raised after shock belt used at Texas murder trial

Take a Valium, Lose Your Kid, Go to Jail

USDA Does Not Have The Cash To Keep Food Stamps Running If The Government Shuts Down

Russia close to deal to supply gas to Ukraine and EU


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Like, through my nose! And my chest, I don't feel like I need to hack up my lungs in order to get rid of the phlegm! (I know you really aren't supposed to keep on clearing your throat, as it really makes phlegm production worse, but it's so hard to not do it.)

It feels so good to be somewhat less sick.


Toward tires that repair themselves

Catalonia goes to the polls in an 'incredible moment for democracy'

Doctor Channels MacGyver to Help Asthmatic Toddler Aboard Transatlantic Flight (video)

This Incredible Machine Draws 3D Objects Out of Living Human Cells

Massive patent troll suit seeks to tax USB hubs at Wal-Mart, Amazon, Best Buy

Nigeria reaches polio 'milestone'

Virtual human built from more than 5000 slices of a real woman

The Nation’s Greenest State Will Soon End Bans on This Simple Green Practice (America: Slightly less dystopian now that Californian communities can't ban clotheslines.)

Renewable energy outstrips coal for first time in UK electricity mix

A rechargeable battery to power a home from rooftop solar panels

Stanford engineers invent transparent coating that cools solar cells to boost efficiency

Timing Your Blood Pressure Meds Right Might Prevent Diabetes

The original Super Mario Bros. remains Mario’s loneliest quest

The Pope vs. the Wind

Study: Liberals get news from more sources than conservatives -- and neither of them trust BuzzFeed (From last year)

How a Fake Typhus Epidemic Saved a Polish City From the Nazis

Color film was built for white people. Here's what it did to dark skin.

Forcing suspects to reveal phone passwords is unconstitutional, court says

Police Program Aims to Pinpoint Those Most Likely to Commit Crimes

What do Christian fundamentalists have against set theory?

Can the Pentagon do business with Silicon Valley?

This mayor wants to publicize who’s on welfare and where they live

Life On $1.25 A Day: Plenty Of Worries But Still Time For Tea

U.S. drug company sues Canada for trying to lower cost of $700K-a-year drug

A battered woman will stay in prison for failing to protect her kids from her abuser. He was released 9 years ago.

Hezbollah welcomes Russian buildup in Syria, says U.S. has failed

Mass hunger strike looms against Israeli detention

Israel relaxes live-fire rules against Palestinian stone-throwers

Researchers reveal when global warming first appeared

Bees’ tongues are getting shorter because climate change

Egypt 'demolishes thousands of homes' for Sinai buffer zone
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Tiny motors could suck carbon dioxide from the ocean

A Picasso for Your Dorm Room? Harvard Lets Students Rent Art Masterpieces

Facebook case may force European firms to change data storage practices

These kids were geniuses — they were just too poor for anyone to discover them

Mall Walkers: The Suburban Exercisers Keeping America Wholesome

Barbie Wants to Get to Know Your Child

How a Concentration Camp Survivor and an American Huckster Created the Magic Crystals of Miracle-Gro

Last of the Crow war chiefs turns 101 in Montana (From last year. If he's still alive, he's heading for his 102nd birthday.)

Mighty and Ominous Satellite Images of the Human Condition

I created a fake business and bought it an amazing online reputation

Brain-computer link enables paralyzed California man to walk

Games and Gambling in Prison

Harry Potter Fans Hide Inspirational Notes Inside Copies of the Book

Early test for deafness tied to better reading skills

New Invasive Fly Shuts Down $700 Million Florida Fruit Industry

Your Body Is Surrounded by Clouds of Skin and Fart Bacteria

The Myth That Links Poor Families to Fast Food

Why Flashy Male Birds Aren't Really What They Seem

Feds to pay $940M to settle claims over tribal contracts

The surprising geography of American left-handedness

Gay Oktoberfest brings pride party to German heartland

China military hints at strong opposition to large-scale troop cuts

Inside the Islamic State kidnap machine

NATO Chief Visits Ukraine to Launch Joint Exercise

5.6 million fingerprints stolen in U.S. personnel data hack: government

Old, faulty voting machines put US democracy at risk, report warns

Jeb Bush Proudly Promises To Axe Net Neutrality If Elected

American Muslims fear a new wave of Islamophobia

Gas Leaks Can't Be Tamed
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I don't really know what Ana and I should do during that time. Eva doesn't want us to hang around the auditorium, but there really isn't enough time to do more than go to a local restaurant, and I don't want to sit in a cafe every week, wasting money.

Anyway, Eva's been having fun, which is the important part.


Lab-grown kidneys work in animals

Sex Ed in Denmark: Have Kids Earlier

Power Ingestible Gadgets With Batteries You Can Eat

The fruit kids eat most is ...

Body parts floating in 3D space to give medicine virtual shape

How Genome Sequencing Creates Communities Around Rare Disorders

What Happens When Mice Eat Nothing But Powdered Food

This video of 13,000-odd marbles flowing down many levels of a giant marble-cascade machine is… oddly soothing, actually. Enjoy.

The Self-Made Castaway Who Spent 16 Years on an Atoll With His Cats

Most Palestinians no longer support two-state solution

Fatal floods expose delicate balance in polygamous towns

What Happened After My Kidnapping

Orphaned by famine: The 'child mother' caring for North Korea's parentless

Syrian war spurs first withdrawal from doomsday Arctic seed vault

Ukraine health officials fear big polio outbreak

Study: Twice as much trash put in landfills than estimated

In California, People of Color Are Hit Hardest By Environmental Hazards

Israel struggles to counter Palestinian rock-throwing threat

Pentagon denies directing troops to ignore sex abuse of minors in Afghanistan

In 2015, nearly 3 dozen Alaska villages lack basic plumbing


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Yesterday I managed to elicit gasps of shock and horror by suggesting to them that some children don't go everywhere with a book in tow! When they do, rarely, forget to bring a book, they badger me to give them one. They just expect I always have multiple books to hand out! I do, in fact, always have multiple books to hand out, but they ought to carry their own instead of relying on me.

Other people occasionally comment on this, but what these other people don't know is that inside my head, I'm completely baffled that they find this noteworthy. You, too, could have a bookworm kid if you followed these four simple rules:

1. Never, ever reward reading with screentime or pizza parties, which sends the message that reading is boring and tedious.
2. Set firm rules against reading in the bathtub, while walking down the street, or at the table.
3. Read aloud to your kids. Put the book down at exciting parts because you urgently have to stir the chili or flip the pancakes.
4. Bring books with you everywhere.

That last is really the key, and when people say things like "I can't get my kids to read" I always want to respond with "Well, here you are making a half-hour trip on the boat, why didn't you bring anything to read?" I don't do this, because I have manners, but I really want to. So now you know.


The Private Islands Inside National Parks

The experiment that should finally detect ripples in the fabric of space-time is up and running.

British missionaries hated the sari; US feminists would ban the burqa. Why do empires care so much about women’s clothes?

The One Question to Ask to Identify a Narcissist

Grapes Of Wrath: The Forgotten Filipinos Who Led A Farmworker Revolution

How ‘good’ bacteria make E. coli worse

The Simplicity of the Walking School Bus

The Surprisingly Complicated Construction Work of Simple Sponges

Do You Want Your Subway Map to Look Pretty, or to Reflect Reality?

3D Printed ‘Scaffolds’ May Help Damaged Nerves Grow Back

When It Comes To Book Sales, What Counts As Success Might Surprise You

Siberian cave was home to generations of mysterious ancient humans

The airplane graveyard that 3 families call home is the subject of a stunning photo series.

Desperate Elephants Shot With Poison Arrows Travel To Humans For Help

Eric Fanning as first gay Army secretary: A signal to military culture?

Pentagon enlisting outsiders to help search for US WWII MIAs

These Target workers just won the right to form company's first-ever union

AVG can sell your browsing and search history to advertisers

Zero interest rate policy may be bad for Wall Street but it's good for workers

A divided Fed pits world's woes against domestic growth

Is the Awfulness of Income Inequality Mitigated by the Cheapness of Consumer Goods?

The key difference between what poor people and everyone else eat

Japan passes controversial security laws

87 Deceased NFL Players Test Positive for Brain Disease

Refugee crisis: young migrants blaze new trails through Europe

The Enormous Social Cost of Cheap Coal

St. Louis landfill fire could reach radioactive waste in months

Drought exposes cracks in Australia's acclaimed water market

Why black teachers are leaving urban schools More

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Clearing Your Record

Inside New Orleans' 'Debtors' Prison' System
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Neurons dynamically switch identity in response to brain activity

Postwar period yet to end for Japanese descendants in Philippines

Seal Catches Ride on Whale. Why Does This Keep Happening?

The astonishing village where little girls turn into boys aged 12

Let's Go Fly A Million Kites (And Watch Them Cut Each Other)

U.S. and China Seek Arms Deal for Cyberspace

Techies aim to solve ancient Indian festival's safety woes

“What happens when you get your period in space?”

Light travels at around 300,000 km per second. Why not faster? Why not slower? A new theory inches us closer to an answer.

This Bill Would Stop Congress From Getting Paid If Government Shuts Down

Wasps have injected new genes into butterflies

Dad Pulls Out Kid's Loose Tooth With Drone

Cubans Ready to Meet a Different Kind of Pope

“False Megamouth” Shark Pioneered the Plankton-Feeding Lifestyle

Generation Disappointed: Millennials Want More From Politics

Scary Thought: Apes May Remember Shocking Horror Movie Scenes

How Japan's ‘Small Face’ Obsession Helped Me Confront My Body Issues

The U.S. Doesn't Have Enough Of The Vegetables We're Supposed To Eat

Pro-Democracy Protesters Defy Thai Junta With Rare Rally

Thousands held at Civil War prison finally get reverent funeral

Europe's aging economies stand to gain from influx of people

Sanders Wants to Make It Cheaper for Families to Visit Inmates

How Long Could You Survive In A Coffin If You Were Buried Alive?

Is It Time for a Civil-Rights Movement for the Poor?

The right’s Planned Parenthood trap: Manufactured controversies, pliant Democrats and the decades-long plot to “defund the left”.

Virginia school suspends an 11-year-old for one year over a leaf that wasn’t marijuana

Russia's LGBT youth left isolated, victimised by "gay propaganda" law

Safety experts question classroom barricade devices


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And then Eva and I frantically took out some pieces so Ana could finish it off when she came back from swimming. Except that when she did come back, she didn't care! Very annoying :)


Earth is a marble in this scale model solar system in the desert

How Does Paris Stay Chic? It Imports Brooklyn

Prehistoric 'cow' may have been the first to walk on all fours

Universe-shaking black-hole collision coming sooner than expected?

Snail and cats

Why Income Inequality Isn’t Going Anywhere

75% in U.S. See Widespread Government Corruption

Tracking the Origins of 7 Pirate Stereotypes

Researchers determine how groups make decisions

Asthmatic Otter Learns How To Breathe Easier With Inhaler

The vanishing breed of the country vet

A pizza place with all deaf employees is pretty special, because their pizza is so good

New Type Of Genetic Testing May Help Improve Autism Diagnosis

US auto workers get first raise in a decade

Vitamin D: Don't Overdo a Good Thing

Facebook will now be able to show you ads based on the porn you watch

Man dumps 8,500 pounds of trash in national forest

Inmates at California prison ask guards to keep quiet

Many animals can become mentally ill

The Murder House

Is your soap harming sea life? Ban on microbeads gains momentum.

Museum of telephones burned to ground in California wildfire

The FBI Says Retweets Are Endorsements

City Says Murdered Woman Should Have Known the "Risks" of Public Housing

You might remember the sordid tale of prophet-rapist Warren Jeffs, but you don't know about his vast crime empire.

She’s 10. She has HIV. And she’s about to learn the truth

Army's Bergdahl suffered some of the worst abuse of any U.S. POW: witness


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Pantry moths.

Well, fuck it.


Soul Searching Through the Myers-Briggs Test

Giraffes spend their evenings humming to each other

When the Birds and the Bees Were Not Enough: Aristotle’s Masterpiece

First 'zero-emissions' hydrogen filling station opens

It's Time To Get Serious About Reducing Food Waste, Feds Say

Thousands of lawn gnomes have infested this Australian roundabout

Inuit Study Adds Twist to Omega-3 Fatty Acids’ Health Story

In Defense of Hufflepuff

The program that's keeping women out of prison – and saving money

Computers can recognise a complication of diabetes that can lead to blindness

The dentures made from the teeth of dead soldiers at Waterloo

'Tree of life' for 2.3 million species released

The Long, Sweet Love Affair Between Cops and Doughnuts

Dog stands guard for week until trapped friend found

Efficiency up, turnover down: Sweden experiments with six-hour working day

CDC Says Flu Vaccine Should Be More Effective This Season

Cuba has first ambassador to U.S. in half a century

Brazil's top court bans corporate political financing

French farm produce 'ruined by WW1 pollution'

Teen’s probation for nude selfies includes accepting warrantless searches

Mass Incarceration Has Become the New Welfare

Company hikes price 5,000% for drug that fights complication of AIDS, cancer

On-duty police officers have shot and killed more than 700 people this year

EPA Accuses VW of Cheating Smog Testing on 482,000 Cars

GM to pay $900 million, settle U.S. criminal case over ignition switches

Mozambique declared free of landmines

Microaggressions Matter

Global study reveals soaring antibiotic resistance in India


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October 2015

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